Toyota + Police = Brilliant Traffic Awarness Ad Campaign

Toyota and in association with local traffic police in Jordan launched a brilliant traffic awarness ad campaign. The signs of the campaign is all over the city in Amman. Everyone can see those yellow – traffic like – new signs with some guidelines. The campaign is meant to raise awareness and support those who drive in a responsible manner. They state that there will be people (I guess policemen) who would monitor traffic, and if they find you driving in a good responsible way, then they will take your name and give you a chance to win a Toyota Yaris by the end of this campaign.

This is a brilliant move from Toyota, a campaign that adds a social value and that portrays Toyota as a responsible company towards the Jordanian local community. I salute Toyota and hope other companies to think in the same line of this ad campaign in their future advertisements.

I couldn’t find the Ad online or a link to an article talking about it. Please point it out if you have read it or seen it anywhere online. Thanks 🙂


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