Hala Sarhan, Abde Karim, Nawal Al Sadawi: What’s going on in Egypt?

What is going on in Egypt?

First the TV famous hostess Dr. Hala Sarhan, then the blogger Abdel Karim, and now Dr. Nawal Al Sadawi!

Hala Sarhan was attacked with law suits and charges for highlighting prostitutes life in Egypt. As if we can hide the son with the palm of our hands, dark forces in Egypt were hyped to attack this intellectual woman claiming that she has fabricated those episodes and resulted in worsen the image of the Egyptian women! I personally can’t comprehend how anyone with half human brain would believe that there is no prostitution in Egypt!

There are serious press charges on Hala Sarhan. News papers are attacking her, and claiming that she fleed Egypt to Dubai.

Abdel Karim, a blogger who cristisized the Egyptian Regime was sentenced for 4 years in prison because what he has written on his blog. The arab blogsphere went into rage for what they consider a precedence of attacking online freedom of speech. We all felt affected with what happened to Abdel Karim and realized that with this case, no one is safe, even online.

Now newspapers in Egypt are concentrating on Dr. Nawal Al Sadawi case. They claimed that she has fleed the country out of fear of facing charges pressed against her claiming her disgust for religions because she stated her mind that differs from many religious Muslim scholars.

This woman has spent her life fighting ignorance. Since her childhood she learnt to speak up. She managed to overcome the lies our underdeveloped societies tried to impose on us, and was able to expose them and make real changes in her society.

She grew up in a society where women were suffering under the domination of igorant men. She was puzzled of how women were able to reach this level of opression without making any attempts to fix things up. They tried to limit her, and convince her that being a woman means that you are weak, that you can’t stand up and claim your rights.

But being the rebelion person she is. She did not accept their words. She knew that she has a mind for herself. A mind that is no less than the mind of any other man. She knew that she has strength in her knowledge. She knew that she can fight darkness with light.

They have tried to kill her, jail her, shut her up in every possible means.

But she stood up lile a rock against all the dark forces. She fought for equality and freedom with a lot of passion because she knew that goodness always wins.

She saved the lives of many Egyptian women by breaking up and old Egyptian taboo of female circumcism. For years, she had to fight by herself to make people see the light. They eventually did in that department saving many women much pain that wasn’t necessary.

Nawal Al Saadawi is one of my top 3 idols along with Jesus and Ghandi. This woman should be treated sacredly because through the history of Egypt no one has come close interms of her fight for knowledge and humanity.

This woman is Royal.

I love Nawal AL Saadawi.

And will keep this banner at the top of my blog so that others who love her can copy it to their blogs as well.

Me, my friend and Anoshka

The other day I was having coffee with my friend in Starbuck Swefieh. Actually I was having orange juice and he was having hot choclate.

I do like the place because it is cosy and quiet where you can relax, enjoy what ever you have as a drink, and have a decent talk with your friends.

In our way out of the place, and while passing along the entrance downstairs, my eye caught a familiar face, my friend’s eye caught the same. As we opened the door of the caffee to leave, I asked him is this Anoshka that we have just seen? (Anoshka is a famous Egyptian singer, I am posting a link to her profile below)
He smiled, and said yes she is.

I smiled back and said I love her.

He said, I love her too.

We both looked at each other trying to figure out what to do.
He said, lets go and take a picture with her.
I felt shy, but I told him, okay as long as you initiate the conversation. I feel shy initiating conversations with people who I have no previous personal relationship with.
He felt shy as well. So we stopped outside the place for around 10 minutes trying to figure out what to do.
He said that we shouldn’t let it go. He entered the place again, and I followed him. He approached her and said hi. She put a very lovely smile on her face and said hi back to us.
I have always loved this singer. She may not have many hit singles, but there is something in her that makes us love her. I don’t know, maybe her angelic face, her calmness, or her loving heart that shows on her face and smile.

She is even more loveable in person. She is so humble and nice. I felt like wanting to hug her.
So my friend asked her if we can take a photo with her. She smile. Then the man who was sitting with her at the same table, who turned to be the famous Kuwaiti composer and singer Khaled Al Sheikh (whom we didn’t recognize initially) said that no, I am not allowing her to take any photos.
Obviously he was joking, so we told him that we want to take photos with him as well.
And so my friend stand next to Anoshka and I took this photo for them:

Then I stood next to her, and my friend took this one for us

And then my friend stood next to Khaled Al Sheikh and I took this one for them

We thanked them and said good bye. Later on, we saw her shopping at Zara 🙂

Check out Anoshka’s Profile here: http://www.arab-celebs.com/Profile.asp?ID=61

Another Midnight Nature Call – Invention

* warning: This post may disgust you *

Once again, in the middle of my sacred sleep, nature called me. And, once again, I, first, tried to ignore those call, but to end up regretting it, and dragging myself to the toilet, doing what I had to do, and going back feeling good to continue my sleep.

I guess that most of the people would agree that having to wake up in the middle of the night in order to piss is an annoying thing. I am not sure if men deal with this issue more than women, but I am sure that it is annoying for both.

I have been watching my eating/drinking and behaviour habits that affects my kidneys to work faster and issue such effect in my sleep for years now. I have concluded that doing on of the following things during the night before going to sleep would make it more likely for it to happen:
1. Drinking a pint of beer.
2. Smoking Shisha.
3. Doing a hard physical work (cardio or weight lifting).
4. Masturbating.

One should avoid those 4 at night in order to have a good sleep.

But this isn’t the issue I wanted to talk about.

What I wanted to talk about is the brilliant idea popped into my mind last night while am half asleep.

Being the lazy man I am.

And because NEED is the mother of INVENTION.

I thought of a way to combine beds with toilets so that I would save myslef the midnight annoying pilgrimage to the toilet!


By creating holes in beds. A hole closer to our lower part of the bed where a man who feels like in need to piss can just turn himself with his face facing the bed, lowering what ever he wears of pants and/or underwear, and then let it go through the hole that should be connected with a cylinder that is attached to a waste system.

I know that my invention sounds sexist because it is more applicable on men because men face more problems with this issue especially as they grow older. A lot of us would face a problem with their prostates which would keep us moving in and out of the towilet all over the night.

I have even drew it:

I know that engineer can work on it and enhance it!

It is funny how my mind becomes creative while I am half asleep! Lol

On a side note, what’s wrong with birds?

It was around 5:00 am in the morning, and they couldn’t stop wissing! Is it their procreation season?

Hala Sarhan: Prostitution VS Ostrich Arabic strategy!

I feel quite angry over what is going on regarding Hala Sarhan’s case.

My anger isn’t triggered because of my love for the successful TV hostess; it is more because of how people are determined to prove that we still live in the dark ages!

They are crucifying her because they claim she talked about a social taboo!


For God sake, we live in the 21st century. Is there any civilized human being who didn’t hear of the *Internet*? And for those who did hear of it, do they know that people can practically post and read about anything you ever think of?

How come we can still try to hide our social problems in a world full of digital camera’s, eyes looking for the truth, satellite TV stations, and bloggers??!!

And why would we choose to keep on playing our old game of hiding our heads in the sand refusing to face our problems that are shining under the sun?!

Is there an insane mature person who is not aware that prostitution exists in every single country around the globe?

And How come discussing prostitution in Egypt trash the country in any way?

I heard that ATV, the new upcoming first Jordanian private Satellite TV station is preparing to talk about prostitution in Jordan on one of its talk shows.

Would they face the same attacks from our parliament members as Hala Sarhan faced in Egypt?

I certainly hope not. I want to believe that we do have more *social* freedom of speech than that.

Funny Incident

when I left work yesterday at 6, I knew that my car battery is dead, but I was hoping to be able to push it a bit in order to make the engine run so that I could take it home. Unfortunatly the street was almost flat. I find a hard time to push it.

A man came to help me in my attempt of pushing it. I didn’t ask for his help, but was happy to see people rushing to help each other. He offered his help. I told him that I don’t want to bother him, but he insisted. My car didn’t work, but I felt that in reality there are still people who are willing to help each other without anything in return.

After a while, another guy came to my aid, but this one I know. He works with me, and was about to leave work as well. He noticed me struggling with the car, so he parked his, and started pushing along with me.

It didn’t help as well, so he offered to ride me hope. I didn’t want to bother him, but he insisted. And so, he preceeded me back to his car which he parked few meters back in the same street while I made sure to lock my car then followed him.

I was so tired and disoriented. It was dark. I walked and reached the car, I opened the door and sat in the seat next to the driver. I heared a female voice saying “Yes Sir?!”, I didn’t know where it came from, so I turned my head to the driver seat and I found an old man! It wasn’t my friend, it was an old man looking at me in shock of how I dare to open his car door and sit next to him!

In a blink of a second I realized that I have done a mistake. I felt so embarrassed and was about to fall down laughing. I apologized. I said “sorry” three times very fast while opened the door and left noticing that there was as well a nanny with a child in the backseat of his car!

How didn’t I notice all of that? I don’t know. I now remember that incident and laugh, hopeing that it wouldn’t happen again!

Midnight Nature Call

* warning: This post may disgust you *

A major difference between men and women is our biological anatomy structure, especially our waste system.

While our early homo sapiens ancestors had only nature to dump their wastes in, with time, we, more civilised sapiens, developed a more sophisticated way of doing so: Creating toilets.

The people behind creating the toilet came up with a design that suits both human males and females. But we, and because of our anatomy differences, use it sometimes in a different way.

For men, we can use our toilette standing up when peeing. For women, they only have one option to use it, always sitting down.

While standing up can be a convenient option for us. It does cause some problems. I have a story to demonstrate it:

A couple of days ago, and in the middle of the night, nature called me. I was so much enjoying my sleep, and so, as usual, I first decided to ignore that urgent call, and continue the ecstatic enjoyment of my sleep. But then, after a while, and from previous experience, I knew that it wasn’t a wise choice. Those calls would keep on haunting me and become much more severe as time goes on. It would practically kill any chance of enjoying my sleep or even any sleeping at all.

So I decided to rush into the bathroom, open the cover of the toilet, and let it go.

I dragged myself from the bed to the bathroom. I opened the cover of the toilet, put down my pants down, and tried to concentrate in order to shoot my waste in the toilet hole so that I won’t miss the target and mess the floor around the toilet.

Trying to concentrate in my current task, an email sent to the men staff at the firm I work in a couple of days ago vaguly popped into my mind.

It was a punishment email, quite embarrassing, As it was issued by the HR, where she was asking men employees to use the firm bathrooms more properly!

Ofcourse because it was a general email to a group of people,me, and I guess everyone else, thought that they are not the target of this email.

And because I am facing the exact situation now in the middle of the night. I remembered a funny thing a friend at the company told me about someone else regarding this issue.

He said:
“The other day X was in the bathroom, and the egyptian man who is responsible of cleaning up the bathrooms came and shut off the lights of the bathroom while X was still in it. When X finished and came out, he asked the egyptian man why did you shut off the lights? The egyptian man answered him ‘You don’t get it right while the lights are on, so it wouldn’t matter'”

I smiled while trying to imagine X struggling in this situation every time he goes to the bathroom. His thick eye glasses hit me, and I thought that maybe the poor guy doesn’t see well in order to make it right.

In normal situations, it is easy for us men to shoot our wastes just right where it supposes to go. It doesn’t require even any practice at all from our site, it is part of our nature, but at certain times when someone isn’t in his best state of mind, maybe a wiser choice would be is to just sit down and enjoy it.

I finished my task in no time and rushed back to my bed trying to clear X from my mind, and going back to my sacred sleep.

Emam is needed in west Amman!

I came across this employment Ad yesterday in the newspaper. While I am not an expert in Islamic matters, it did surprise me what I have read in the Ad as a requirement for the Emam they need and the way the post is going to be filled.

I have many questions in my mind regarding this, maybe my fellow Muslim bloggers would help giving me answers.

How does anyone usually make it to be an Emam? Don’t we have a ministry of Islamic religious affairs in Jordan? and while I know that people donate to build a Mosque, do the Mosque stay as a property for who funded it, or its property turned to the government or any kind of a religious organization?

Excuse my ignorance with this question, but is there any difference between an Emam and a Sheikh? Does the Emam preach people? or his only job is to read the Quran versus in a suitable rythm?

I am a bit shocked of the Ad because I percieve the position requested as a holy matter. People elected to serve Allah should go through stages of spiritual development which empower them to take such a responsibility. It shouldn’t be a matter of voice, should it? It seemed like they are after a singer! Why weren’t good behaviour and moral structure part of the requirement?

And while I understand that people who decide to dedicate their lives to serve Allah need money in order to live a decent life, I find advertising the amount of money as a salary a bit awkward and insulting to the job itself.

He should be married or about to get married?!!!!!

My heart beats

Have been running since I was born
Have been running even before that
in my mother’s womb

Fast and slow, up and high
Never stopped, never slept

Except once

The moment I met you

They stopped
Time stopped
My world

A single moment represented the eternal time

The moment when my sight fall on you

My heart beats knew
They knew that they haven’t been running for nothing

They knew that their journey would never be the same
They would never feel coldness again
They would never feel fear again
There would be no sorrow, no pain

Their redness blossomed
Their steps grew larger
Their confidence hit the sky

Their linear march tunrned into a wavey one
because they started jumping in joy

Their fear of reaching their final destination got vanished
because they know that
when they do

The hearts where they stamped their journey details
would lie next to each other

In an eternal embrace
That resembles our love

Happy Valentine day my love…

Dirty cats, dirty people!

Yesterday, while driving my car with my friend, a cat passed across the street in front of me.

My friend’s reaction was “Ewwww, what a disgusting cat!”

I nodded my head in agreement.

It seems that the poor cat had to go though a lot in her life. She looks so much dirty. Her hair is untidy and stinky. She looks like she is sick or something.

Thinking of how cute other cats look made me think of how much we are in fact like cats in this department.

There are clean good looking people vs dirty untidy people. There are people who know how to take care of themselves while others who don’t know what exactly the word hygene means. There are people who smell good while others who smell bad.

It made me think how come some cats, and I am talking about street cats, with much less intelligence than human beings are able to take care of their look and hygene while there are many people who don’t seem to know how to do that?

It does make me wonder if something are just meant to be!

What do you think?

80’s and 90’s in amman

I usually don’t read forward emails, but I don’t know why this one caught my attention. It has been widely spread, and another blogger has already pasted the whole list on his blog. I am not going to do so, but reminding that time, some other things popped into my memory:

1. We all wore proudly a green or a maron jeans! Ewww I can’t believe that it was a hot item!
2. Most of us had a so BIG colorful hand swatch watch
3. Everyone wor a “bostar” that military shoes, which evolved later on into a caterpillar craze, for a period of time the Yellow color dominated our shoeses (some people are still stuck to it), then the craze moved to the dark brown/black ones.
4. The most popular girl used to be identified by her forehead hair, the higher the better.
5. Everyone watched The bold and The beautiful on Jordan TV channel 2 (Amman 2). May I tell you a secret? I still watch it!
6. Tom and Jerry wasn’t only our favourite cartoon, but it was our favourite fast food restaurant as well.
7. We had our house/school windows taped during the first gulf war.
8. We all dreamt of the Arabian Union.
9. We had some fights over who is stronger the US or the USSR!
10. Guys read egyptian puzzles short books (We all know Takhtakh). Girls read Abeer romantic novels.
11. Our idols became Sonic or Mario!
12. Who missed the Body Guard? Whitney Houston was the best.