Queen Rania twitters the Pope!

Isn’t Queen Rania the coolest Queen ever?

First she establishes herself as a stylish elegant highly regarded Queen among the world leaders, then she creates a youtube channel to address the stereotypes against Arabs in the west and try to open a dialogue among the two sides, then she APPEARS on Oprah and gives a great interview and impressions about Jordan, and now she seizes the change of the Pope’s visit of to Jordan to start her twitter account that instantly became an industry news that would give a bigger volume to the visit and to Jordan as a country.

We can listen now to 140 character wisdom messages from our Queen. A great tool for the leaders of the 21th century to use and build on. Well done Queen Rania, we are so proud of you, really so so proud 🙂

Following are some of her wise tweets of today:

@QueenRania: Reminder of how special this land is- where our 3 beloved Prophets carried the message of moderation, tolerance, and peace.

@QueenRania: Just listened to Pope’s speech. Our region so needs a message of Peace.

@QueenRania: Pope moved by young people’s excitement. Inspired to be in the cradle of the major religions. Eager for people to rise above divisions.

“Our region so needs a message of Peace” yes indeed! With such leadership… I really have high hopes!


  1. No it is not COOL!!! Not cool at all!! It is starting to be a bit WEIRD and annoying!! And in my opinion you are only writing about it to promote yourself and your blog which is just sickening!


  2. At least your have a Queen that has knowledge on soical netwroking that alone indicates she want to close with people rather than hidden in the Castle behind walls like many other Arab Countries.

    That is called Cool Geek Queen but I hope she is writting the posts not hiring a full department to that for he (loooool) just kidding.

    I hope someday we stand above Religions and work to let people live together without depending on religions and thier union (which I guess will never happen because this conflict with thier real interest).


  3. Farah, that is wondeful! you are welcome 🙂

    anon1, I sincerly find this cool. You are free to believe it or not.

    Tina, she does to me 🙂

    Raed, exactly! She is doing things no one expected from her, and reaching out to the world in a classy elegant manner.

    anon2, that is debatable.

    Ali, twitter is awsome, go and try it man. You may find some hardship at the beginning but then you ll develop addiction to it.


  4. you know what?! i think she did all that because she was lucky to be a queen. And i am sure that she will not post what “she’s doing” and i am sure she’s recruiting a complete staff of people for this purpose. It has to be filtered! and this fucks the true meaning of twitting! so maybe it’s a good idea to create a dedicated website for her called royaltwitter.com or something. Simply because this defies the true meaning of twitting!

    I must say that totalitarian people that stem from totalitarian regimes should not use those systems. It simply doesn’t work!


  5. I joined twitter only to follow her twits.. She keeps surprising everyone!

    i can’t understand the negativity some people are bringing it here.. is it because you always want to disagree? Disagree when you should.. mesh 3al 6al3a wel nazleh!

    thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. you are so empty like your queen who has no idea, ,to me she is so boring and her rhetoric about peace has no meaning or substance, her people are slaughtered in palestine, her ancestral land has been raped ,Palestinians women and children are killed on daily basis and then sh comes on this so called trivial and stupid twitter and pontificate about peace with punch of zionist criminal who are constantly laughing at her and her husband


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