LAILA ليْلى والحَمَل

Although the Arabic world is as diverse as any other region, customs and traditions endure. Injustices continue. And then there is Laila. Trapped in a marriage to a man she finds physically revolting, Laila begins to realize secret truths about her sexuality, about her very identity as a modern Jordanian woman. “Good” Arab women may have occasional lurid fantasies about dominating men in bed… but Laila actually finds the strength to do it. And when she dies suddenly in an encounter with a lover, the stakes for the survivors become a matter of life and death. In LAILA, Fadi Zaghmout gives voice to the Arab woman to put men in her society on trial.

Now available on Audible:

LAILA by Fadi Zaghmout

English release on 20th October 2020 by Signal 8 Press, translation of Hajer Al Mosleh.

Here is the page URL on publisher’s website: LAILA

Reviews and articles:

Fadi Zaghmout’s banned-in-Jordan “Laila”: a TMR Valentine

Fadi Zagmout on the Banning of ‘Laila and the Lamb’

يذهب فادي زغموت إلى الجانب الآخر ليقدم لنا صورة إمرأة تعاني تناقضات المجتمع الشرقي الذكوري بكل ظلمه وعنفه. رواية تتذرع بحبكة شبه بوليسية لفحص طبيعة العلاقة بين الرجل الرجل والمرأة في مجتمعاتنا الشرقية، وكيف تشوه أفرادها بقمع رغباتهم وطبائعهم تحت دعوة العادات والتقاليد.

اطلب الرواية اونلاين من جملون.

رواية ليلى والحمل
رواية ليلى والحمل في مكتبة كتب خان في المعادي

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