Fadi Zaghmout فادي زغموت

Author of The Bride of Amman, Heaven on Earth and LAILA

كاتب عروس عمّان، جنّة على الأرض، ليلى والحمل، وإبرة وكشتبان

My visit to the University of Alabama

I wanted to write about this earlier but didn’t have the chance. I came back from the US last Wednesday. It was an amazing trip and I had a great time visiting the University of Alabama. It wouldn’t have happened without Cheryl Toman, Professor of French and Chair, Modern Languages and Classics. She is such a sweet heart and I am very thankful to her for inviting me. It all started two years […]

Midlife crisis is real

I posted last week on Facebook a status update saying “Midlife crisis is real”. I added an emoji with crying eyes to it, in reflection of my current emotion about it. To date, the post received 13 laughing emoji and 5 hugs emoji in reactions. And while it was in my intention to have this tone of sarcasm for my new hands-on discovery, in truth, these days, I feel the need of more […]

Same book – 4 languages

My baby traveled the world. 4 languages in 10 years. Same book, same stories, same setting, different tongues. From Amman with love. عروس عمان 2012 The Bride of Amman – 2015 L’Epouse D’Amman – 2021 La Sposa Di Amman – 2022


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رواية إبرة وكشتبان

تدور أحداث الرواية في مجتمع خيالي يكون فيه التقسيم النوعي الأساسي للبشر حسب طول قامتهم. في هذا العالم تتشكل الهوية الجندرية وتتوزع الصفات والأدوار الإجتماعية حسب طول قامة الفرد. تدور أحداث الرواية حول قصة حب تجمع بين الخياطة قصيرة القامة وطولان متوسّط الطول المنبوذ اجتماعيّاً.

إبرة وكشتبان
إبرة كشتبان

محاضرة في مهرجان نقاط في الكويت عن فكرة رواية إبرة وكشتبان


Although the Arabic world is as diverse as any other region, customs and traditions endure. Injustices continue. And then there is Laila. Trapped in a marriage to a man she finds physically revolting, Laila begins to realize secret truths about her sexuality, about her very identity as a modern Jordanian woman. “Good” Arab women may have occasional lurid fantasies about dominating men in bed… but Laila actually finds the strength to do it. And when she dies suddenly in an encounter with a lover, the stakes for the survivors become a matter of life and death. In Laila, Fadi Zaghmout gives voice to the Arab woman to put men in her society on trial.

LAILA by Fadi Zaghmout

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