Heaven on Earth جنّة على الأرض

The year: sometime in the 2090s. The location: Jordan. Aging is reversible thanks to major advances in bioscience and nanotechnology. But in a world where eternal youth has become a reality, complications arise. Journalist Janna Abdallah is at the forefront of these changes: her brother Jamal contributed to many of the medical advances that have brought such profound changes to humanity over the past few decades, yet he has chosen to forego age suppression in order to experience a natural death. Because reproduction is strictly regulated, the opportunity to create new life throws the Abdallah family into turmoil. Fadi Zaghmout’s best-selling debut novel The Bride of Amman was groundbreaking for its intimate, sympathetic treatment of women’s issues, homosexuality, and marriage in the Middle East. Heaven on Earth is no less revolutionary, at once a searingly personal account of one family’s struggle to embrace the future that is now, and also a look at the way Jordanian society has had to reimagine itself at the end of the twenty-first century.

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جنّة وجيهان وجمال وزيد، أبطال يعيشون صراعات تتعلّق بوقائع جديدة أنتجها التطوّر العلمي الهائل: البقاء في مرحلة الشباب الدائم، العودة إلى الطفولة مع محو الذاكرة من أجل صنع حياة جديدة. إعادة استنساخ لأحبّاء فُقدوا… ومسائل أخرى لن تكون جزءًا من الخيال، بل ستصبح قريبًا واقعًا لا مفرّ منه. تتصارع الرغبات وتتناحر الشخصيّات، لتؤكّد هذه الرواية أنّ الإنسان هو الإنسان، وأنّ الأجيال نفسها تشرب من الكأس نفسه

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