Toyota + Police = Brilliant Traffic Awarness Ad Campaign

Toyota and in association with local traffic police in Jordan launched a brilliant traffic awarness ad campaign. The signs of the campaign is all over the city in Amman. Everyone can see those yellow – traffic like – new signs with some guidelines. The campaign is meant to raise awareness and support those who drive in a responsible manner. They state that there will be people (I guess policemen) who would monitor traffic, and if they find you driving in a good responsible way, then they will take your name and give you a chance to win a Toyota Yaris by the end of this campaign.

This is a brilliant move from Toyota, a campaign that adds a social value and that portrays Toyota as a responsible company towards the Jordanian local community. I salute Toyota and hope other companies to think in the same line of this ad campaign in their future advertisements.

I couldn’t find the Ad online or a link to an article talking about it. Please point it out if you have read it or seen it anywhere online. Thanks 🙂

No honor in killing – "Online initiative"

Some Jordanian women are starting an online initiative for a public campaign to stop the so called honor crimes. Deema put it down on Roba’s blog as following:

“To answer your question, a few of us have been trying to do something about so-called honour crimes. The initiative is still in it’s early phases, but we are brainstorming the different ways and approaches to tackle the issue. I added the link to the googledoc we have been working on as my url (although we are changing the name of the initiative from la sharaf fil qatil to la sharaf fil jareemah). As it is meant to be a public initiative, anyone with ideas and suggestions is welcome to join in on our brainstorming session (although i think you will have to email one of us first to gain access).

We can’t just wait around for someone with a magic wand to wisk it all away. we will have to do something about this ourselves, out of our personal time and effort. because ‘wearing makeup’ should not be an excuse for murder. Not in Jordan

Check out the google document linked in the comment above.

Thank you Kinzi for giving me the idea of sharing this.