When governments damage their people

In two weeks, the Israeli government managed to gain more hatred towards Israel and the Jews than what the state of Israel managed to do in the past decade. As bad as Bush’s administration which hit America’s popularity to the bottom, Israeli government had ruined whatever reputation the Jews managed to build for themselves around the world over the years. I am sure there is much anger among the Israelis towards their government for its stupid calculations and immature adventure they have took the whole region into.

The barbarism of their attacks and the large toll of killed civilians managed to kill their reputation exactly the same way we, the Arabs and the Muslims, have been suffering from the bad reputation of suicide bombers. It is all happening with the blessing of the departing American government that have managed to give its last stab to the moderates and peace activates voices in the middle east and around the world.

A small tour among the Jordanian and Arab blogosphere, one would notice the blow these attacks hit the peace process. War bangers, who have been silent for some time, are enjoying the enormous space opened for them now to build on the anger of people. The calls out to fight and kill the Israelis have spread to cover some Arab leaders and the voice of moderation.

Ofcourse some TV stations are building on the business of the war. A huge hit to cover. Arab war analysts are building as well on the emotions of Arab people and give us a fake sense of victory. If Israel failed to erase Hamas from the map then it is a victory for us? How naive are those measurements of victory? Don’t the 700 dead people (till now) speak loud of how severely we have lost? Human life is sacred. Every single kill is a blow to the entire humanity and its universal ethics and moral codes.

In contradiction to the common assumption, the is NO “win-lose” situations in most of the modern wars. Both parties end up losing, and the civilians pay the price. Hizb Allah didn’t win last war with Israel because it survived the attacks! How stupid that line of reasoning can be at a time where the entire country of Lebanon paid in terms of the lives of its people and the infrastructure of the country?

Irrational voices are claiming that 15 years of peace negotiations have failed to give us the peace we aspire for. In reality, radicals and extremists have never allowed the peace process to go smoothly. They exist at both sides of the fence and they both master the play of manipulating the mainstream emotions to their benefits. In reality, military resistance has failed us for more than 50 years now. Violence triggers violence, the tragedy going on in Gaza can easily spread up to cover the entire region.

If we don’t manage to step out now and scream for peace, the 700 dead people may become 7 thousands and even more.


  1. Nicely written, you have mentioned a couple of very good points.Violence is not a solution for this conflict, and the Arabs are not winning this war nor did Hezbollah win the last war by surviving.Many people are taking advantage of the situation and the emotional state the people are in like religious people and parties.People should ask for an END to this conflict not REVENGE against the attacks.


  2. Dear Sir,Sitting on the other side of the fence I do not agree with your analysis. But I do respect it and certainly agree with your conclusion.May this be the last conflict, may these be the last victims and may we all work to build a bright future for the children – on both sides of the fence. And then we won’t need a fence – literally and figuratively.


  3. Very well written Fadi! I totally agree! I’ve heard a lot of voices and read a lto of texts, but nothing as well-balanced without being empty or pro-occupational. And most important: very humanistic.Keep it up!/Axel


  4. In the final analysis, the official Jordan remains committed to the peace treaty and deal with the responsibility and the credibility and commitment has not been matched, according to the majority of opinion, a similar Israeli deal, serious, responsible and respectful of the text of the document filed with the United Nations, as well as Israel did not respect the spirit of peace and Mrdjayate the agreed goal of peace as or ensure that the strategic re-conditions and without rights and without a single disadvantage to become – through the frivolous and possibly bad faith – a means to political ends is a deliberate existential threat to the States in good faith sought to replace. Here the question arises about the content and objectives of peace employed by Israel on a piecemeal solution to the Palestinian issue at the expense of the Jordanian partner


  5. “Irrational voices are claiming that 15 years of peace negotiations have failed to give us the peace we aspire for. In reality, radicals and extremists have never allowed the peace process to go smoothly. They exist at both sides of the fence and they both master the play of manipulating the mainstream emotions to their benefits”If we don't manage to step out now and scream for peace, the 700 dead people may become 7 thousands and even moreCan u do me a favor plz by explaining who the “radicals & Extremists” are on the Palestinian side?i’m so astonished to the point I cant believe that a Jordanian blogger wrote that exact sentence as if u were not existing there for the past dedaces witnessing the fall of rights & lands….If you don’t believe in military resistance against occupation, then it’s a different story but plzzz don’t label those who fought for our rights while we are chilling out & participating in the masccareIts an insult to the blood of martyrs who honored us & their country… if you are smart enough & im sure you are…you would list me any achievement done so far during the peace talks…absolutely NOTHING…would an occupier negotiate his victim…it’s a waste on time…No Capital…no international recognition to have a Palestinian state…the owners of the land became homeless & scattered…No right of Return ..who would answer millions of Palestinian refugees living like shit in Gaza, arab countries, & the world …What about the 11,000 detainees in the Israeli prisons…For God’s sake if Palestinians fight back, we call them radicals!!!Plzzz plzz some fairness on earth …..sorry for the long comment but ur words just suffocated me …


  6. Thank you “Arab Lady”. You seriously said it all.I don’t understand the blogger’s problem with the Palestinian resistance. I’ve been following this blog for a while now and I couldn’t but notice the unjustified opposition just for the sake of coming across as “moderate” or “liberal”. Can’t you see it’s not working?!I seriously think it’s about time you drop the labels and take a reality check. It doesn’t really take a genius. Your people have been slaughtered, tortured, imprisoned and displaced for the past 60 years and you still think things are going to get better! This is ethnic cleansing man! I wonder if this would’ve been your opinion if you were inside Gaza.


  7. reality check, on which side of the fence are you? Amen to what you said.Axel, thank you! I am glad you see my post this way.Arab Lady, actually there have been many achievements that you can see on ground through the peace process. Although we still don’t have palestinian independent state, but we have somekind of a local government and local authorities that came to existance through the peace process. Radical which have been using somekind of military resistance to disrupt the peace process have been suicide bombing, rockets, and other violent means to fight back Israeli violations. Radicals are not exclusive to our sides. They have their own radicals – anti peace – movements as well. If we let them have the upper hand, we would never enjoy a peaceful life.The issue here is to trust the human side of both sides. I know that it is hard now with all the tragedies we see on TV, but yet, it is not wise to demonize each other and adhere to a mutual suicide!London, maybe it is a bit naive to conclude that I put all of this efforts in my writings on this blog to just being labelled as moderate or liberal as if it is a prize I am trying to gain.I am against military resistance because I believe that it is ineffective and it causes us more damage that it helps. It may be hard for some people to understand my perspective but I am entitled to my own opinion.


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  10. Resistance to this terrorist state is the only methods to get ride of this cancer.you can scream as much as you want about peace the facts are different of what you think and here is interesting survey about the popularity of genocide in Gaza within the Zionist terrorist society or the so called civic society < HREF="http://angryarab.blogspot.com/2009/01/arabs-should-memorize-those-figures.html" REL="nofollow">“A whopping 94% of the [Israeli] public support or strongly support the [Israeli terrorist] operation while 92% think it benefits Israel’s security, according to the Tel Aviv University survey.” If Egyptian scholar, Anwar Abdul-Malak, had described Egypt in his book in 1968 as “miliary society,” we can easily describe Israel as “terrorist society.”<>


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