Where is the wisdom of abandoning Arab-48?


Sometimes I feel doubtful of the wisdom of Arabs in relation to the way we have been dealing the Arab-Israeli conflict. In one hand, we raise our voices everywhere demanding more rights and protection for the Palestinians while on the other hand we abandon, ignore and neglect what we call Arab 48.

Israeli-Palestinians, Arab-Israel, or Arab 48 form around 20% of the Israeli population (that is around 1.5 million). They are a large minority in a country that claims to be a heaven of democracy in the middle east. That is of-course a big fat lie, for anyone living in Israel, it is well known that some animals are more equal than others. That kind of discrimination, and while pretty severe in Israel, is not explicit for that country. For instance, Jordan has been accused for not being fair towards its citizens of Palestinians origins in regard of government and military representation, but that issue of discrimination is a whole other story that is not the reason of why I am writing this blog post.

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When governments damage their people

In two weeks, the Israeli government managed to gain more hatred towards Israel and the Jews than what the state of Israel managed to do in the past decade. As bad as Bush’s administration which hit America’s popularity to the bottom, Israeli government had ruined whatever reputation the Jews managed to build for themselves around the world over the years. I am sure there is much anger among the Israelis towards their government for its stupid calculations and immature adventure they have took the whole region into.

The barbarism of their attacks and the large toll of killed civilians managed to kill their reputation exactly the same way we, the Arabs and the Muslims, have been suffering from the bad reputation of suicide bombers. It is all happening with the blessing of the departing American government that have managed to give its last stab to the moderates and peace activates voices in the middle east and around the world.

A small tour among the Jordanian and Arab blogosphere, one would notice the blow these attacks hit the peace process. War bangers, who have been silent for some time, are enjoying the enormous space opened for them now to build on the anger of people. The calls out to fight and kill the Israelis have spread to cover some Arab leaders and the voice of moderation.

Ofcourse some TV stations are building on the business of the war. A huge hit to cover. Arab war analysts are building as well on the emotions of Arab people and give us a fake sense of victory. If Israel failed to erase Hamas from the map then it is a victory for us? How naive are those measurements of victory? Don’t the 700 dead people (till now) speak loud of how severely we have lost? Human life is sacred. Every single kill is a blow to the entire humanity and its universal ethics and moral codes.

In contradiction to the common assumption, the is NO “win-lose” situations in most of the modern wars. Both parties end up losing, and the civilians pay the price. Hizb Allah didn’t win last war with Israel because it survived the attacks! How stupid that line of reasoning can be at a time where the entire country of Lebanon paid in terms of the lives of its people and the infrastructure of the country?

Irrational voices are claiming that 15 years of peace negotiations have failed to give us the peace we aspire for. In reality, radicals and extremists have never allowed the peace process to go smoothly. They exist at both sides of the fence and they both master the play of manipulating the mainstream emotions to their benefits. In reality, military resistance has failed us for more than 50 years now. Violence triggers violence, the tragedy going on in Gaza can easily spread up to cover the entire region.

If we don’t manage to step out now and scream for peace, the 700 dead people may become 7 thousands and even more.