Jordan Chamber of Commerce, I am impressed!

I am really impressed.
Three days ago, I headed with my business partner to the Jordan Chamber of Commerce to register our Licky-Licious business there because we wanted to add selling sweets to our menu and the municipality needed this permission in order to give us the license.

Of course, going to deal with a governmental entity kept me wary of the potential problems that may arise, especially with our past experience with the GAM and their bad services at Zahran’s offices.

It was Saturday, and we went so early as of 8 AM. The minute we entered the building, a man at the reception called us in a very respectful manner and asked us how he can help us. He then pointed us to another guy that would help us in our application. We moved to the other guy’s desk, which cheered us with a smile and offered us some candies! He then asked for our papers which we didn’t have yet because we were waiting for the guy which we appointed to handle our governmental procedures. The guy of the Chamber asked us to sit down a bit till he comes and few seconds later; he came to us and offered us some coffee!

Our guy arrived few minutes later, we proceeded with the application but it turned out that we missed our rent form which was necessary for the application at the Chamber. Our guy suggested that they proceed with the application in the meantime and we fax them the rent form afterward. Surprisingly, they agreed, and few minutes later we were done!

I am telling you guys, this is a 5 stars service! To sum it up:

1.People were all energetic and awake starting their work at 8 am.
2.They were very respectful and hospital
3.They wear badges with their names on their chests
4.There was NO smoking whatsoever in the Chamber
5.The procedures were simple and clear.

I have dealt with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and the GAM. It seems that doing business in Jordan is not as bad as we think it is. The GAM’s Zahran’s office is still a disaster, but I hope they come around and meet up the expectations of services other governmental entities in this country provide so far.


  1. I deal with most of the MENA ministries, establishing new branches and also getting statistical info about certain sectors.Just to let you know Jordan one of the few countries that has great governmental data published online and they are pretty helpful and up to the challange.Go Jordan!


  2. For the economical situation Jordan is right now it is impressive and I hope to see more of this kind of improvements.Try to be a little bet more positive and realistic, everything is done in small steps and through hard work and it takes time.


  3. hehehe! man I was just remarking that 80 is not a good thing, I was not talking about positivity or negativity!But I was expecting this reply althoug I told u am not talking about the situation, am just talking math, 80 out of 144 is bad!and about being negative or postivie, it is absolutly up to me to be one of those! thanks for the advise though!am not trying to look like a wise man, but my friend, the “everything is done in small steps and through hard work and it takes time” thing is just a lie, look at Irland, Malaysia and Singapore, they all could become Industrial developed countries in 10 years, after they were tiny countries with no weight at all, and no industries, now each one has its own big chunk of the globel market in different things!Please again, am not postivite nor negative about it, am just telling facts!


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