Ammon’s article on Homosexual’s

My anonymous hatred blog reader who pops up at my blog from time to time in order to drop a comment here or there that has nothing to do with the current post at hand seems very entertained by Ammon’s article on Homosexual’s claimed failed summit in Jordan where he couldn’t hold himself from posting the link to that article by a “HA HA HA – Try again” comment! As if I am the person preparing for that claimed summit – which is a big lie itself invented by the minds of the so called Jordan Fact and Islamouna Online.

While I am entertaining my anonymous blog fan by starting this post speaking of him (I didn’t mention that he also sent me a you tube video saying that Jesus was gay!), I am more concern with the professionalism of Ammon’s site and the ignorance of that article along with people’s reaction from their comments below it.

(KJ – No I am not calling for censorship)

I just like to highlight the mistakes Jordan Fact committed in that article:

1. Can they provide any proof about the claimed gay summit that was intended to be held at the election day in Jordan? Yes, there seem to be planned to issue an electronic gay magazine by a bunch of young men, but it never reached to the level of having a gay summit! And why would gay people in Jordan wait till the election day in order to hold their summit? Isn’t that a stupid claim to rationalize that of having government officials busy in the elections? or It is an IAF stunt to link the whole fabricated issue to the elections in order to paint themselves of being the party defending morals in Jordan in order to gain more votes.

2. At first I was appalled by the medical testimony they provided in order to give a legitimate claim to their case especially the opinion of the Dr. Abed AL Hameed Al Qodat, but then I assumed that they most probably lied about it the same way they lied about what Batir Wardam said in a cynical comment about their post.

They took it out of contest and re-publish it in a way that has nothing to do with what Batir wanted to say. He had to comment again and clear his stand.

The testimony they provide from medical doctors and physiological counselors is very disturbing, not just because it shows their backward scientific knowledge but also because it shows a big ignorance of the difference between a sexual orientation and a sexual identity where they don’t even differentiate between a homosexual and a transgender.

3. They claim that homosexuality is a new phenomenon to our conservative society where in fact there is a lot of classical Arabic literature that contains testimony of homosexuality in the Arab world. I recommend a book named “Unspeakable Love” by Brian Whitaker for my blog readers in order to get a better insight about Gays and Lesbians life in the middles east. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I am telling you, it is very insightful and a real eye opener.

4. It is funny how when we realized a moral shortage in a specific virtue in a person, we tend to group all of other possible immoral acts and associate it with the person.

From the commentators of that article, people seem to associate Homosexuality with drug addiction and Satanism! That is completely absurd. They build their judgment on the assumption that Homosexuals are morally corrupted people, ignoring the fact that there are a lot of Muslim homosexuals that try to find a common ground between their religion and sexuality.

5. It is also funny as well of how people try to rationalize the cause of homosexuality without pushing themselves to search for a legitimate source of information. Some of them blame it on the west, others play the conspiracy theory card of being an Israeli plan to corrupt our youth, others claim that it is richness; others say it is the segregation between sexes at school. Some believe it is cause by children getting sexually abused and others blame the missing role of a strong father figure.

They all failed to check out the scientific stand of the issue where there is no clear answer of the cause of homosexuality yet although there are some indications of a genetic linkage.

6. We are the masters of solutions! Even though The American Psychology Association (APA) says firmly that Sexual re-orientation is impossible, our so claimed Drs and commentators at the article claim that gay Jordanian men should be provided with a physiological treatment in order to change their behavior. They point out “Repetitive Behavior” treatment as a solution where the APS stands firmly against it because it results in a serious other physiological problems to the patient at hand without helping changing his sexual orientation.

I totally understand the Islam stand against homosexuality and while some people might mis-interpret religious versus, people have every right to not accept certain behavior based on their religious views, but what I can’t tolerate is trying to reason their belief with lies that has nothing to do with reality.


  1. this issue has taken a lot of big fuzz on no bases at all and it will fade away as fast . Let me explain why … i was discussing this topic with a friend of mine .the issues not gay or straight , bad or good , it’s about our Jordanian community as one .We are a very lazy nation, how come.. Let me give an example form our current life.the high product prices that we suffer every day … normal ppl will protest on that and the prices will go down , here , we would be more than happy to pay more for less .now with the same attitude for every single issue we treat that way.ppl know about these things storeis and places every were , gay or straight there still ppl u can see every were and any were.and the bigest explanation for that is the replies … it seems that ppl who replayed to the article at ammon .. ppl there know everything they were they meet and how and how come.that explains the ppl knows but to lazy to move .and after a stupid article that has no prove what so ever .. ppl start to talk and u see that there a live for some reason and hatread so big . that did knowhow to channel until someone spoke Strange but true get a life and try tp find a fruitful things to doMurad


  2. loool @ the censorship comment heheheAnywayAll this anti-religion, anti-atheism, anti-Islam, anti-Christian, anti-cow-worshiping, anti-hetero, anti-homo, anti-anti mindless bigot is starting to take a toll on my brains.Enough of it people. Just accept the other person as you want to be accepted. They are not perfect. You are not perfect. They are not right. You are not right.Wake up and smell life. If everyone was like you, how boring would that be!Just accept others and learn from them.I understand that you people may not like certain lifestyles or choices made by others, and I myself won’t be a hypocrite and say I am all-accepting either. But if you want to reject a lifestyle or something, do it in a civil and respectful manner.No need for hate groups, links, youtube videos, blog posts, forums and websites. Just say “I respect your choice and your lifestyle but unfortunately I cannot accept it <>for myself<>“Don’t force your shit on anyone so don’t get someone’s shit forced on you.Am getting sick really!But then again life would be boring if everyone was happy. Oh well! I accept the hate too as part of life I guess.I don’t know what else to day Observer! The past two weeks most of the blog posts I have been reading across the blogosphere are full of hate and prejudice. I think I need a blog break! Time to go back to deviantART for a while!


  3. “I didn’t mention that he also sent me a you tube video saying that Jesus was gay!”Now what the heck was that ??? NO I did not send that video .. and would never do.


  4. What disturbs me about the whole issue is the medical interpretation of it. Many people some fot hem doctors in the Arba world think that homosexuals have a hormonal problem when that is absoluetely untrue, what’s worse is that they plan to do given them tesosterone injections (like what they did in UAE) , and testosterone is known to increase the sexual drive for men and women so if you give it to gay me this will just make them more honry at each other 😀 Gays really appreciate this being done lol


  5. damn it. Sometimes I wish I have the evil powers of annonymous. looolI want you to publish another post talking about the same thing from Haya prespectiveIn fact, I suggest each post would represent your opinion and haya’s opinion so that we can get the feedback from the two genders. 🙂


  6. Murad, you mean that people are lazy to act? either to claim their rights or to protest against it? I guess you have a point here! The majority is silence 🙂KJ, :), peace upon you man! khalas, lets put hatred behind us and have a sunny day today 🙂Kinzi, is that rule named love?Anonymous, mmm, then that wasnt you? Another anonymous who happened to post it right after you? MMM, why don’t you sign with a special ID so that I can differenciate you from other anonymouses? hareega, that is a real issue! It doesn’t concern only homosexuals but also all of us and our trust in our medical system. This is just a prominent issue that is clear to the average person, but there are a lot of Drs that treat their patients in a very wrong way!We need to have a system that prosecute those Drs who go wrong. I know that pshycological doctors in Jordan take advantage of homosexuals who seek them to change their sexual orientation. They give them fake hope to get more money. In the west those doctors lose their licence for such acts.tammer, she says hi, she’ll be back soon 🙂Hamza, no I envy Haya! But that is a good idea, I think that she has something to say about this. Soon she will 🙂


  7. Yeah, I saw that anon guy commenting here and there. He probably thinks he is funny. People should just live and let live. That has always been my philosphy. No need to force your opinions on anyone. People have different lifestyles and different beliefs. Big deal!Can I borrow that book? (hehehe..I think I am going to start getting haters after this comment)


  8. observer, you know what, your blogs are very life changing and thank your for raising awareness and just being very honest.I am just one big fan of you!


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