That ugly b@tch

Haya is talking…

Marriage, marriage, marriage
It is the only song that keeps running in my mind
or actually seems to be running in the minds of
Especially my MOM
and my grandma
and my friends
and relatives
and aquintances
Even that bitch who used to be my classmate
(the ugliest among that class/school)
Whom, and I CANT yet comprehend how
Got married

Now that what I call a miracle!
(It revived my faith in God – lol)
But seriously, how the hell did that happen?
He is blind! He MUST be

What makes it worse is that smirky look on her face!
and her barbie-like acting!
like she is Haifa Wahbeh (she is more of Ruby)
Allah yer7am jeddek
and those ugly spots on your face
that I used to feel nauseous everytime my sight lay on it

Now she gives me that sympathy look
“Oh Haya dear, nothing happened with you yet?!”
I know that question very well
and I know what her *nothing* means

Yes, nothing happened yet!
I am still single
Sue me!

Who cares if Sarah, May and Ola got married?!
They rushed into marriage to men they don’t love
I know they claim they do
but what the heck!
May met Omar a month before their marriage
Sarah got married to her distanced relative who lives abroad
and Ola mmmmmm

Fine she was in a relationship with her husband since school time
but so what! If she is wise, she would have ended it long time ago
They broke up 1000 time
and he once slapped her infront of everybody at the college canvas
and whenever he used to see her wearing something a bit revealing
He used to get mad and drag her by her hair to her home to change

I am telling you
The won’t last
Unless she stays his doormat!
but why do I care,
God bless them (they are my friends!)

But that ugly bitch
She walks like a duck with her belly!
“It is a baby boy. Samer and I can’t wait to deliver it”
“3o2balek” (wish you the same one day)
The bitch is acting superior to me
I just hope she won’t freak when that monster inside of her comes out
I am not being mean
but seriously, he carries her and Samer’s genes! Dah!
How would he turns out to be?

Ops , I wanted to talk about my Mom’s nagging
and I ended up talking abou that @SS
Anyway, I will leave that to another rambling

There is much to talk about marriage zefttiaage


  1. the fact that u still not married apparently is irritating you, because those comments from that woman ‘whom u call ugly b!t$h’ r getting 2 u, it seems to me that ur mother nagging isn’t the problem, her nagging only works as a reminder to a problem u know about.. u seem that ur problem is that u didn’t find ‘the one’ ( i saw that from ur criticism to ur friends’ choices) and thats what keeping u 4m getting married, which is something i really respect and applaud you for. marriage is not about getting laid legally and having kids, its about ‘the one’, and living a fulfilling life with him/her.


  2. lol observer am curious how you get along with her ? seriously she is a total dramattack just pass along this msg for me plz“ohh the hardship of banking in on a good rich husband to live the easy life is getting to you, and it seems that you are overflowing with jealousy because of whats her name got married. poor bitter you, you will make a wonderful venom spitting spinster if you go on this way”oh and btw i wanted to ask your permission to post something on my blog can you drop in and check my last post plz cheers


  3. Ahhhh!We all feel like that sometimes. Completely upset because someone has got ahead of us in the “race” according to the world! We even formulate our own theories of how happy or unhappy they must be and all that good stuff!Then when we retreat back to our private space, the anger turns to sadness and shame!


  4. *talking to observer*ya ilahi you are VERY creative. Your feminine side is soo real. Man, I wish I can clone a female version of you. That’d be awesome 😀


  5. OH WOW! that was one big rant…well, tell you what, I’d rather stay single than be miserably married, you are waiting for the right time/person to come, don’t get upset, after all these things are “naseeb”.


  6. Haya, I know how you feel! I keep telling myself in due time (nshalla) the right one will come and settling for just anyone well thats just not my cup of tea 😀


  7. tammer, Haya: thank you, I just don’t want to get married to anyone. People can’t really understand that!Summer, Haya: Thank you, I am glad you liked my rambling.No_angel, Haya: What is your problem with me?! I bet your girl friend is giving you a hard time! 7aki fadi, Haya: Am I still a lame idea? 🙂Qwaider, Haya: That is the problem, I dont think that they make it ahead of me! They just ruined their lives. I am not ready to do that to mine!Hamza, a feminine version of me? LOL! Would you like to date Haya?Maioush, Haya: ditto! Cheers girls, you are on the right track! We can make good friends? 🙂Murad, because she didnt find the right one yet.Marie: Haya: I know you that you’ll be finding the right one soon. The Observer is a big fan of you. He always talks about you in a good way 🙂Hani Obed, Haya: Are you proposing to me?


  8. “Hani Obed, Haya: Are you proposing to me?”I was offering my anti-marriage philosophy in an attempt to comfort, but if you insist on marriage, I have no choice. Are you free next week 🙂


  9. This post was HILARIUOS. I liked it.Heyyyyyyyy, why don’t you create a Haya in second life?Please create a Haya and tell us how men ad women are treating herBlog about it I think this is a great blog idea!Or not.


  10. Hani Obed, I have to consult with my mother first. I want things to be clear and official so that I save my reputation and ofcourse your respect.Oraib, heeheh 🙂7aki fadi, I tried yesterday to sign in the second life, but then it required me to download 33MB file and install it on my pc. I dont want to do that at work, and my home pc is quite old, it cant handle it! I think that yes it is a great idea, but I cant do it now 😦


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