Haya: On homosexuality

So now people start asking about me!
I bet The Observer is dying of envy
I am gaining the hearts of his fans
Maybe most except no-angel!
I have no idea what is his problem with me?!!
and I don’t care to know!
It is not like I am going to marry him!
hehehe, speaking of marriage
I got a marriage proposal (Thank you Hani)
(Roba isn’t the only one who met her fiancé through blogging)
But he doesn’t seem to be serious as he ran away the minute I asked him to meet my parents!

(Hi Tammer, Hi Hamza)

What is all this fuzz about homosexuals?
Why don’t you people leave them alone?!
Live and let live
and on your way out leave us alone
as of WOMEN!

No seriously we are no better of than homosexuals in this society
We are just more prominent
because of our boobs!

I have always wondered
How did we end up so messed up like this?!
How did society reach this place?
Everyone cherish nature but no one is ready to respect its basic rules
Maybe it is because those rules only suit the straight man
Whom dominated us for ages! (crying now)

Check how ironic is this
The other day at work
I had a phone call from my boyfriend at work
(okay guys, I let it out – I have a BF, sorry!)
and I had to talk to him as if he is a girl!
Just so that my co-workers don’t know that I am in a relationship
so that they won’t look down at me as of being immoral!
At the same instance
My closeted gay friend
Got a phone call from his boyfriend
(yeah I have a gay friend as well)
and guess what?!
He talked to him as if he is a girl too!
I am telling you
Our society is so messed up!

Although I have no problem with gay men
I have to admit
I feel disgust of lesbians
(Now The Observer would frown)
It is cute to see two men in love
but two women?! NO NO
Hamza, don’t you dare go there
I know you guys love fantasying two women having sex

You know what?
The most man that a woman can feel safe being around
is her gay friend
It is weird how nature works
It is like it stripped from them their sexual attraction towards women
but yet
kept their male protection instinct
Don’t ask me how!

As for the anonymous who seems to hate The Observer for defending gays
I bet that he has either been sexually abused in his childhood
and thus connecting Pedophility with Homosexuality
He is homosexual himself
and don’t feel at ease with his same sex attraction
Either way, he carries a lot of anger
That is why I advise him to see a phsycologist


  1. Don’t blame me, your Parents are scary 😛Haya said:>>>>>>>>>>>Although I have no problem with gay men. I have to admit I feel disgust of lesbians<<<<<<<<<<<Then we disagree. I think gay men just have poor taste. I mean a woman’s body is much more attractive than a man’s. Well, you already mentioned prominent boobs ! As for the lesbians, well I don’t blame them 😀


  2. hehe NEVER ! (but u gotta admit its an improvement that am willing to speak to you directly ) see men feel the same way you feel about lesbians 😛<>hani<> thats the thing what women body where u referring to ? a 250 pounder ? maybe a black nobian queen ? a tiny asian ? see thats the thing beauty is a highly subjective matter, its fine to not see things the way others do . the thing is it should never be a point taken against them And here i thought i had nothing more to say about this whole mess …. guess i was wrong


  3. Haya… You are right.. it is Ironic.. But hey.. you need not care wither they know you have a boyfriend or not. Its none of thier Business.. And how about telling us about your boyfriend..how would you descripe your relationship? 🙂


  4. I am a little confused too, Haya seems to have a very different sense of humor than Fadi!So, Haya, nice post! Umm, welcome to the blogosphere!


  5. lehoz Haya. I thought you were just gonna talk about your opinion about homosexuality not attack annonymous’s actions against observer. I am sure that the observer is man enough to handle his own conflicts. 😉Second, (and i know you didn’t want me to go to the area),I wanna ask you a question. what’s the reason behind having more lesbian porn movies than gay porn movies? 😉


  6. Hani Obaid, Haya: No they are not. You are just acting like any other man! 😛No_angel, Haya: No comment!life, Haya: Yes dear, it is not of their business, but you know how would they consider you immoral or bad girl if they knew! I just hate how people interefer with things that they have nothing to do with.My relationship with my BF is just… mmmm.. complicated! lolTammer, Haya: nice to see you too as well. The Observer doesn’t agree with me as well.Bashar, salamtak, inshalla you feel better today?kinzi, Haya: THank you! The Observer thinks highly of you. How different is our sense of humour?Hamza, Haya: Yeah, but The Observer is too nice to react. I had to step up for him! The reason of having more lesbian porn movies?I guess you know that answerIt is YOU PERVERTS 😛


  7. Today, I was disappointed of you Haya… You lie about having a BF, what a shame!As for the disgust for lesbians, you lose the point of backing up homosexuality. Sure, disgust is NOT equivalent to taking away their rights. The same way that disagreeing with an opinion is not equivalent to censoring that opinion.But all that you -Haya- have done is shifting the bias. Instead of gays getting the crap, now the lesbians are the ones who do!!


  8. Kj, lol, I ll try 😛DM, Haya: but you know how people would treat me at work if they knew?! They are already think I am bitch because I wear a bit more revealing than most of the girls here!


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