Fall of Grace means back in evolution terms?

It might be an insane idea to many that occured to me this morning while I was in bed thinking about this world but it does make much sense. It makes me wonder.

I was thinking of the goodness of people from an evolution point of view.

I have always believe in the goodness of people. There is no evil human being in my dictionary. I understand our weakness, I know that people can do evil when they have to for surviving reasons, but there is no pure evil person.

And, so, moving on with this path, and thinking of latest scientific discoveries about human behaviour and how much it is related to genetic and environment, and relating this to how our ‘goodness’ has survived and evolved over the years.

From an evolution point of view, we can survive better living as a group. Two people helping each other to face this life challenges is better than one going through such a challenge by himself. Family, friendship and society give us better advantage to survive. A smart person is the one who manage to do more good in his life. When you give, you recieve back, and so you get a better advantage.

Going back in history, and while the goodness can be noticed from early human history, one can see our moral and ethical values and appreciation of human life growing better as time move on.

Yes, we still kill each other, we still do evil, but we are heading towards goodness. We are evolving.

Then the insane idea came to me. What is the fall of grace from heaven of Adam and Eve was combined with a fall back in evolution terms?

I mean that Adam and Eve have been created as human being at an advanced evolution level where they lived in heaven from an evolution point of view. The fall is pushing back their evolution level to the level of a monkey.

It was our punishment which we are paying for.

With time, we are heading from the hell of the beigging of their life on earth, back to heaven through evolution.

We will be getting more goodness in this world, larger life spans, more comfort, more love, more happiness, and more closness to heaven.

It hasn’t been written in holy books, but could the fall from heaven means a fall back in evolution? Is it why Adam and Eve realized themselves naked when they sinned? They went back to percieve sex as a sinful act and whle we evolve, we get to know that it is not?

Interesting thought, isnt it?


  1. HUH !!!!!!!!! can you explain what you’re trying to say again ?? it sound interesting but i just don’t get what you’re trying to say


  2. What I am trying to say simply is that maybe another punishment to Adam and Eve that isn’t written in the holy books was to move them back in evolution terms as of going from an advanced form of human beings with excellent genetics to the nearest step of evolving from a monkey.

    With time, humans are moving from hell (the state of lower genetics) to heaven (to reach the state of Adam and Eve before they sinned).

    Maybe it is the road talking about in Islam between hell and heaven.

    I guess that we are evolving to be worth being in heaven again.


  3. Hey = not related to this post, but I just read one of your earlier posts on alcoholism as a disease. It was very interesting. Is there any help available to people in Jordan who have such a problem?


  4. if you’re talking about it from a scientific point of view then it’s possible , but from a religeon’s point of view it’s not , cause all religions are anti-evolution


  5. Mohammad, I am talking from a combined point of view. I am trying to reason evolution from a religious/spiritual perspective.

    All religions are built on the idea of 2 different places. The punishment for bad people and the rewarding place for the good ones. Even in Buddhism, one has to act good in his current life in order to go up the scale in his next life (resurrection) till he achieves the state of Nirvana.

    Maybe my theory isn’t compaitable 100% from how we percieve Islam and Christianity, but it does make sense, and I don’t think it contradicts with those religions if it goes down to the well of God.


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