Ommak Madonna!

“Ommak Madonna” (your mother is Madonna)

Oh gosh, how much I hated that insult when I was young.

I don’t remember that I have ever said it to anyone, or anyone have ever said it to me, but I remember some other kids used to say it to each other and end up beating up each other like hell for such a humilating insult.

I didn’t know who is Madonna back then. I sure knew that it is a big insult. I thought that Madonna is a prostitute, that is how everyone percieved her back then here in Jordan. We werent exposed to the world like these days. In the late 80’s we didn’t have Satellite TV Stations, we didn’t have the internet, we didnt have our cell phones. We only had Jordan 2nd Channel and the Israeli’s channels for forign TV shows and music.

We still were able to get the news from over the world. Madonna was a big success at that time with her provocative songs and video clips concentrating on sex. A lot were able to get her albums, hear her music and even watch her on TV.

Our society was much more conservative than now, and while we still find people bitching current celebrity icons like Shakira, Haifa, Elissa and others, back then Modanna used to be consider as simply a prostitute. The worst thing a woman can be. To be a son of Madonna is worse than being burnt in hell.

With time, and our exposure to the world, our perception of things changed.

I know that it has been harder on some to let go of old childhood perceptions than others, but no one can deny the effect of the communication revolution on our way of thinking.

For me, and as I grew older, I had the chance to listen to Madonna’s songs. I loved her music. First I didn’t use to concentrate on the lyrics, the sex word was obvious in most of her songs, but I liked the songs anyway.

With time, Madonna has matured too. Her songs matured as well. She didn’t just provoke us sexually, but also provoked many politically and religiously.

In an interview with her she said that she believes that everyone here on earth for a role. When asked about her role. She said that she believes that her role is to provoke people.

Watching her talking on TV, one would see a mature well spoken woman who has worked on her knowledge and spirit in order to understand the world she is in. She isn’t a blonde sexual bimbo. She is just another searching soul who are trying to bring some joy to others on this way in her own way.

Recently all the press around the world covered the story of her adoption of the Malawian Kid. Millions around the world have envied this little poor kid who was so misfortune to born in a very poor country that suffer from much shortages of a decent living, to end up being picked by a star millionaire celebrity who are going to raise this kid as her own. Instead of living with poverty, he’ll be living in a mansion.

Would David Banda feel insulted when somone tell him “Ommak Madonna”?

I just wonder how my old peers feel about it.


  1. Ha!

    Never heard that one before, but yeah I could imagine people using it before.

    I honestly never liked her, true she has changed a lot in the music landscape, and she did set herself as a sex symbol for quite a long time. But I just couldn’t see myself liking her. However, I never really saw her beyond that. I think that American Life was too crappy, and most of her political campaigns were mere PR stunts.

    The thing with artists and actors, is that it’s quite hard to believe that they try to tell us. They somewhat lost their credibility by becoming artists, thanks to all the PR stunts, and the foolish things that they do on a daily basis. You just stop wanting to believe them.

    But I think that it is in our nature as human’s to love idol worship. I suggest watching Simone, great movie. It shows how we just want to love somebody that comes on TV, somebody that we hardly know. Somebody that we could never have or truly know. I guess all that is in our human nature.


  2. I don’t really understand what is it that you’re trying to say , if you’re talking about madoona then my respond is , she’s a hypocrite , she preaches what she doesn’t do , I mean you listen to her speak or sing , and you think WOW what a nice way of thinking , but then you look at her actions and you can see her hypocrisy .
    And about adopting the Malawian kid , that was simply for the publicity , plus , living in a mansion doesn’t mean that he’ll be happy .

    PS: lately I’ve been getting the urge to talk but no one is listening so am thinking of starting my own blog , can you tell me how and where can I start one !!! thanks a lot


  3. roba, this insult wasnt flattering at all when I was young 🙂

    Pheras, you have a point, yes we tend to like people on TV. The thing with Madonna that I like is the way she faced the world with her provocative music. Whether what she does a PR stunts or not, it goes down to the image she is selling us, in which I do admire.

    Weird that you havent heard that before, maybe because you werent living your childhood in Jordan.

    anonima, yeah neyalo 😛

    Mohammad, you can go to and start your own blog. I would gladly read and talk about your thoughts 🙂

    What I was talking about is how ironic the situation is where being accused of having Madonna as a mother has been a disaster for many of us when we were kid, while now watching the news and the envy of people around the world for the luck of the Malawaian boy.

    You are right, living in a mansion doesn’t guarantee happiness. Madonna said it herself in an interview. She said “Who better knows that success, fame and money don’t bring happiness to people as of someone who tried that” She was talking about herself. She has grown to know what matters and what really bring you happiness. Neverthuless, money can help much in giving someone a comfortable life, and raise the happiness bar of a person.


  4. hah…
    People in Jordan consider Elissa a prostitute-type-of-woman? That’s unreasonable, I think. People don’t even know her!

    I’ve a question…so, basically, any woman in this world who shakes her ass on TV is a whore in the Arabic world, is that what you’re saying? Don’t you think that’s a bit too judgemental? How can anyone judge women and throw them into categories without even knowing the women themselves?

    It’s true that Madonna’s music is provocative. But she’s the artist…isn’t it HER choice to do what she wants? Isn’t music a FORM OF EXPRESSION? Is she supposed to express herself based on what PEOPLE want her to be? I don’t think so.


  5. Hey,
    I just viewed your profile again…and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Enrique Iglesias on the favourite artists column?

    Wow, I rubbed off on you 🙂


  6. Unfortunatly Saad a lot of people here consider women shaking their asses on TV as whores! Society is changing but still we have this kind of mentality on a large scale.

    As for Enrique, yes I love his music 🙂


  7. Ya! definitely a harsh insult! I used to hear it all the time when we were cheering at any game, someone would stand in the middle of a crowd and shout: “ommo Madonna el ma yzagef!” then you see tens of people applauding so hard 🙂

    Of course I see it as an insult until this moment, I never liked Madonna, I mean how can I respect a woman, who’s around 50, shaking her ass wearing her tiny underwear for no reason whatsoever!

    And what is it with the Arabs-only stuff, who said it’s only Arabs who consider women shaking their asses wearing bikinis and singing “touch my hips” or “check my tits” to be whores?!


  8. Hey Omar, funny the crowd at the matches chanting, I remember that! lol

    How does it matter the age of Madonna shaking her ass on TV when she is near her 50 if she does look like she is still in her 20s?

    She is an artist, it is her job. She is good at it, and regarless of whether we agree with her beliefs or not, I guess what she is doing to this Malawian kid is something that most of people think highly of.


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