Do you feel yourself unlikable? Read this…

I was glad to watch this news on Insider a couple of days ago. They were talking about a club in the US for chubby chasers – Men who love chubby and fat women.

It makes you wonder how much different we are. We usually assume that everyone is alike according to what we percieve the majority favor. For instance, and because of the hype of the media, and the concentration on skinny models all over the world, I never imagined that there would be people who might be attracted to others over-weight ones.

I guess that this can be a good lesson to those who don’t feel themselves worthy, either because of heavy weight, certain disability, different appearance, or anything else. One should know that his difference might be the source of attraction of another one. We don’t have to have everyone like us, no one can, but each one of us can have certain type of fans.

For those who feel themselves unlikable, try not to feel so, it isn’t smart. Just remember that the devil has worshoppers, I guess anyone can do better than the devil 😉


  1. Sometimes I find girls like”American Cat” attractive!

    My friend attracted to “nose” in men, not the standard but the length a little bit..another one like black circles under eyes as symptom of tired.

    ya3ni al nas azwa2, I see that everyone define beauty in diffrent point of view.


  2. Qwaider, good proverb. Or “Kol Tanjara o elha ‘3ataha” 🙂

    RedRose, you are right, beauty is relative. It is good to know that you are still around, reading my blog 🙂

    Kinzi, I feel flattered now. Thanks for nominating me for such award :). I feel encouraged by your comments…


  3. First, the “insider” doesn’t qualify for news..

    And the insider are the same ones that promote magazine beauty, making people feel not good about themselves.

    I really hate the Inisider.. it’s an insult to my intelligence.

    nevertheless, I agree with your conclusion..


  4. I’m glad you are encouraged, and it has been a pattern I’ve seen in your writing, ma fee mujamilaat! I’m a firm believer in affirming dignity where it is found…it seems to multiply then.


  5. Sam, you are entitled to your opinion. I happen to like the Insider. It does entertain me with their news about celebreties and weird stuff 🙂

    Kinzi, I guess that it is somehow a need for me to comfort people. I like to encourage people especially those who feel bad. Thanks for your sweet words 🙂


  6. Observer, I tagged you! Grab the nearest book you are reading, go to page 123, go down 5 lines and post the next three sentences. State the name of the book, the author, and tag three more people!


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