Different means of practicing friendship in 2006

In the current era of booming in communication media, friendship is taking different shapes. We might not have realized it yet, but we all live it in a way or another.

Fifteen years ago, friendship was manifested in 3 means, as of seeing your friend on a regular basis, if you can’t then regular phone calls, and finally sending postal letters.

Now in addition to those old means of practicing friendship, we have many other means. Sending postal letters have turned into E-mails. Regular phone calls moved from still phones to mobile phones. In addition to the calls, now people can send text messages as well. Now people have chat friends, blog friends, …etc

While still having regular old fashioned friendship relationship with many people, I came to realize that I have other friends that I correspond with only by certain means. I have friends that I have never met before and only correspond with via Emails, others via message boards, some via blogs, and some using only chats.

The level of closeness differ from a person to person, and I am not sure if the term friendship can be used on describing such relations.

I have also learnt that I do enjoy people in different means. Like some friends are best to have a one to one face to face conversation with, some is more enjoyable with a group of people, some is more likeable when having a one to one conversation but not face to face as of a phone call, others excel in internet text chat rather than voice chats.. etc

Now I have a best friend in general, best phone friend, best Email friend, best chat friend, best message board friend, best water friend (as of swimming), …etc

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