Christian family discussing the war on Lebanon

Back to my granparents house, all of the family are gathered there discussing the Lebanese current affair.

My aunt opened the subject “Did you hear the news of today? Hezbollah had a strike, they killed 12 Israeli soldiers”

Everyone seem to hear the news, and is delighted of what they heard, they all nodded their heads with a smile except her husband who groaned a bit then said reluctantly “Mmmmm, I don’t know. To tell you the truth, I want Hezbollah to lose.”

They all looked at him in surprise as he tried to explain his stand “You know, if Hezbollah won, it won’t be good for Christians in Lebanon. Do I have a backward mentality?”

My dad stepped in and said “Well, you are wrong, we, Arab Christians, have been living among Muslims for 1400 years now. Do you know that at Al-Omaween era nearly half of the ministers were Christians? Muslims have been good to us. Treat us with respect and provide us with security. They are far better than Jews to us. We are ‘Ah el Ketab’ to them (People of the book)”

My aunt again said “It is sad, this hatred between Arabs and Jews would never end if we keep on killing each other, new generations inherit bitterness and sense of revenge. There seem to be no end to this cycle.”

My cousin said “You know, in the Tora/Old Testemony, God promised the Jews to create a dump nation that would keep on bothering them as a punishment” (I have no idea a punishment for what)

“Really?” We asked, “Yes, it is written in the bible” My aunt agreed with my cousin.

My other aunt who lives in the US said “You mean that it is a reference to us the Arabs as the dump nation? Ewww, no we are not, I am sure it is another nation. Why the hell did they implant the Jews in the heart of the Arab world??!! They should all move to Florida, it is full of Jews”

My uncle said “Hezbollah is winning so far, may God help them”

They all seem to agree.

Except me. I didn’t participate in the conversation. I don’t know why I feel shy discussing politics with my aunts and uncles. Maybe because I am not used to it as I have been shy as a kid, and wasn’t able to break this barrier with my father’s family after becoming an adult.

I can’t see how Hezbollah is winning. No one mentioned how much Lebanon lost in this war. 1 million lebanese refugee so far, 1000 lebanese have been killed, thousands injured! If we are going to associate Hezbollah with Lebanon as a country, then it lost, and is losing more every single moment of this war.

Israel may get a scar from Hezbollah missiles, but the Lebanese are dying. Hospitals won’t be having any more fuel in less than a week. All bridges connecting Lebanon to the outer world are destroyed. It is getting harder and harder to provide them with aid.

We are getting to a suicidal situation. This war must stop now. Accept the UN resolution. Save the Lebanese.


  1. Dear Observer,I do support your dad that not only Christians lived in harmony with the Muslims but also the Jews. Not until 1948 when Israel occupied the Arab Terrotories that the attitude towards the Jews had differed. Thank God that until today Christians and Muslims in the Middle East and even in Lebanon live in Harmony. As for Hizballah’s winning the war, unfortunately no one wins in any war, esopecialt the civilians. Hizballah did win the war against Israel’s occupation in South Lebanon a few years ago and that didn’t change the Christian situation in Lebanon. Therefore this war won’t either. The Lebanese will get out stronger from this war than even before. I just hope this war ends now!


  2. Amen Ali, I want this war to ends now as well.Even now you can still see Muslim Arabs living among Jews in Israel. Many do develop friendship among each other regardless of their differences. I believe that in the street level, people in general have slight racism, but they get over it when they get to know the other peron, they can see through their differences and realize how much of human treats they share.I guess that we all want to live in peace and harmony, if just our leaders let us do so…


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