5 nice realizations of life

5. Love and Friendship
What makes you feel your humanity and being alive is the ability to share it with other people. Having people around you to trust and love does make life beautiful.

It is a common need. No matter how much failures you get in love or in friendships, you can always start over again.

4. Most pleasurable things in life are physical
There is nothing pleasurable as a glass of water when you are thirsty, a sandwiche when you are hungry, a bath when you stink, a bed when you are exhausted, sex when you are horney, and a bathroom seat when you need it.

We all search for love and spiritual fulfillment which is good, but it is nothing like fulfilling a physical need.

3. There is no evil people
There is ignorant and misfortunate people but there is no evil ones.

We grow to hate and fear other people who differ than us. No matter what kind of difference it is, an easy way out is to demonize the person.

Life brings many different people in our paths, whether the difference is in ideology, in faith, in color, in sex, in race,..etc, with time you become to realize that people are people, we share same core, no one is evil, but most of us are ignorant. Life teaches us.

2. Growing up
Remember the excitement of feeling your body growing up at teenage? Measuring your height from time to time, comparing it to other people, observing your voice tone getting harsh, your muscles growing up in the process of becoming a man. Also, as woman, observing changes going in your body, feeling yourself growing up from a little girl to a complete woman…

That excitement fades away when you reach your adulthood, nearly around the age of 18. While a person used to lie in order to make himself older before becoming an adult, he starts lying about his age to make himself look younger afterwards.

I realized that there is another path of growing up. Your physical body can stop growing, butr you mind can’t.

For a normal person, it grows in a slow pace, but for some who read, it can be a pleasurable and noticable experience. I find much pleasure in reading, I feel like growing up each time I read a book. I only started reading last year, after several years of being the same, my excitement of growing up came back. There is no limits this time, I will keep on growing up as long as I live, and will count my age years in pleasure knowing that each year I will reach a different height.

1. Parents love
Imagine how hard life can be without parents love. Knowing that there is two people who love you unconditionally, with no boundaries no matter what you do, or how much you go astray.

Just feeling the love in their eyes make me feel happy and safe. My parents have my rock, holding me whenever I fail, pushing me to go on, and giving me all what I need to face my life obstacles.

They are a reason to love being alive.

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