Al Sabooha’s marriage…and life

Etmakhtari ya 7elwa ya zena, ya warda…

I just love this woman’s passion for life. No matter how much age takes away from her, she insists on fighting and enjoying every single moment of her life to the max, giving a role model not only to the people of the middle east but those all over the world who just submit to their age and lose the taste of life.

In a region where people consider themselves old at 40, and where women are considered spinsters at 30, Al Sabooha breaks all the social norms and get married for the eights time in her 80’s (some argeu 90s).

See young women? See Salma? Everything is possible. Life is full of beautiful surprise. We just ought to open our arms and recieve them.

What’s sad is that loving life is not a value our society is proud of. Here in Jordan, age entitles respect. Respect is framed in a certain sets of behaviours that requires less smiles, less movements and more grumpness. Respect is framed in one image of a traditional man amd woman living by the rigid norms of society.

Unfortunatly people don’t see the message they can derive from Al Sabooha’s marriage, in the contrary they see her behaviour as an old woman insanity. An event to laugh at and build sarcastic jokes upon.

Do you know how sad seeing my mother at the beginning of her 50’s talking like she is close to the end of her life? How many of us have their mothers and fathers losing their ambition in life at such an early age due to the constraint of society that deprives them of their right of enjoying life?

Sometimes it occurs to me that Jordanian’s middle aged women only entertainment is their hairs! Does that explain the success of all those thousands beauty Saloon’s in Jordan?

Why don’t we learn from Al Saboha and enjoy every single moment of our lives? Age shouldn’t constrain us, and time shouldn’t be our nightmare. Let it be our friend and let us enjoy its company.

Congratulations for Al Sabooha. May your happiness last for ever after…


  1. She sure has asense of hummor 🙂 i always say i will dance and party till the end lol we are in this life to live it be freee people 🙂 Sabo7a is so daring…………..Dolphine/ Jomana


  2. <>What’s sad is that loving life is not a value our society is proud of<>its not a problem of loving life as much as caring about so many details and society and living to avoid troubles and get by which is burdeningil nas 3atleh ham il dinia w mashieh


  3. dolphine, that is a great motto. Dance and party till the end :). I just love when I see old people dancing and enjoying themselves.Tala, yes, that is the problem, we emphasize on our issues rather than trying to make the best out of them and enjoy what we have at hand!


  4. i’m all for living life but this is going overboard. is she trying to break some kind of record before she dies?


  5. ” Life might not be the party we thought it might be but as long as we are here , we might as well dance !! “Age shud never get in the way of enjoying life ! bas y3ni saboo7a makes a fool of herself sometimes!!


  6. farah, I m not sure if this is april’s fool or not. I am with you that it is a bit overboard, but it doesnt matter if it does make her happy 🙂Hareega, lol, hehehe, that is the case indeed. Lost within, that says it all. We might as well dance 🙂


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