Low speed driving ticket!

So driving slowly is prohibited now? That is what happend to Jasmine of Damascus who got 50 JD ticket fine for driving below speed limit on her way back home from Marka to Amman. She had a problem in her tire, and was driving slowly for her safety as time was approaching night and she feared getting into trouble searching for anyone to fix her tire. A policeman stopped her, she explained to him her problem. Instead of helping her, he didn’t even dare to give her a ticket at hand, she got it the next day as a message on her cell phone!


Since when do we have to watch our speed lower limit. Is this part of the new traffic law that was rejected by the parliament? or is it part of a traffic law that got approved without being publicied? and if there is such a law, then why don’t they first add signs to the roads stating the lower limit of speed. I mean, there should be a range for speed, no? just one fixed speed that we all have to abide with? That is insane!

It is weird what happens to Jasmine, in another event, when she tried to argue a policeman on a ticket he was about to issue for her. He said to her bluntly: SHUT UP or I will give you another ticket!

What an OUTRAGEOUS behaviour from a man that is paid to regulate our traffic, not to bully people in order to collect money for his salary! I am asking the government to force every single policeman to have a badge with his name on it near his chest along with a hot line number for citizens who would like to complain. At the back of policemen, there should be a big sign with the number and a text saying ‘How do you assess my service?’ aka the companies with driving cars that have signs saying ‘How is my driving’.

Another story Jasmine told me about her brother. Apparantly the rumor about the law against long and spiky hair has some ground. Some policemen caught her brother and forced him to go cut his hair! They threatened him to put him in jail if they saw him having the same long hair again!

How does that go with the denying of government of the existance of such law?! And how dare such policemen act in a way that defies the law?

Whom are we to complaint to for such violations of laws?


  1. Observer, I feel like a VIP now, lol 🙂Walla we should do something about it, it is not fair at all, this is our country and we must not let these people ruin it!! Yalla bshofak bilnazara ba3d hal post wel comment, hehe


  2. this country sux sometimes! seriously its like they wanna collect money whenever you… breath! mish haik ya3ni! i’ve NEVER heared of a low speed ticket!this is nonsense…and that policeman is so rude!what goes around comes around for that @#$&**@# police man! 🙂hard luck yasmine…:)Haitham


  3. Observer, I know that some US highways have posted minimum speed limits, as slow drivers in such locations could cause a lot of problems, but I’ve never actually seen it enforced.But here in Jordan, I think we have a greater problem with people exceeding the speed limit, rather than those who are going too slow.I think that if the police want to enforce such a law, they should not only clearly post signs designating the minimum speed limit, but they should also make allowances for people in adverse circumstances (such as the one you listed).


  4. I do know and have seen low speed limit tickets in Germany, on their highways. but the lower speed limit is always clearly marked, and you never ever ever get a ticket by an sms!! :SIn USA you have to sign the ticket so that it will be a proof you agree on what is written there, and the whole thing would be video taped most of the time. You can also challenge the ticket in a court. this whole “surprise, 3alek mokhalafeh” is absolutely outrageous. That said i would really really like a professional opinion here by a lawyer, can we file complaints about policemen… 3ala asas, the age of the police government is over, isn’t this what they keep saying!?and yasmine, honestly, there is no excuse for driving at low speed because of a tire, you should have a spare and you should know how to change it. if you cannot learn how to change it then i cannot see why you should drive. ma tiz3ali minni, but that is the truth. And observer don’t you dare moderate this comment.


  5. She should file a complaint against the policeman, he can easily be identified because he is the one who issued her ticket. The only way things get fixed is when people make the effort.


  6. If there’s no clear law about it, and no signs in that area that indicate a minimum speed limit, she can sue the policeman and yes she can win even in Jordan. Policemen are mnown to twist the law and give tickets right and left but if there’s no such law he cannot get away with it.


  7. I think that the case can be sent to court, and the juristic system can cancel the ticket. But obviously, she will not get any compensations for the trouble! Unfortunately, the court system is made in such a way that they will bore the hell our of you before you get any money, so that there is a very good chance that you would just give up…Jordan is constantly going downhill, and there probably is nothing to do about it. Usually the government exists to help citizens. But our government works in the light of King Hussein’s (peace be upon him) saying: “People are our greatest resource”… The government is well aware that people are the greatest resource, and they do a very good job of extracting every last bit of the people that they have!!


  8. Hi again all of you. I was thinking to go to court and check what can be done about it!! For “whatever’s” comment, thank you and I know you are right, unfortunately I tried a lot to learn how to change a tire but guys around me always rejected the idea, besides I was in a horrifying place that I didn’t dare to stop! 3adi, shit happens!! (excuse my french, lol)


  9. there has been always such low speed ticket, but you have never heard of.. it depends on the road and traffic status.


  10. Yasmin, :), thank you for telling me what happened. We should always speak up when something like this happens. It is our country and should not let some people ruin it.Haitham, you are right! It is going overboard with the way government is collecting money! It is becoming too rich at our expense! 😛Dace, exactly! Here they just do what they suit their mood!whatever, we should ask for such law! No ticket should be applicable without the consent of the driver. Onzlo, wish she does that, but you also know how bad it is the court procedures in Jordan, right?DM, too bad that what you just said is so close to reality! Our most valuable resources are pushed constantly to leave the country becuase of the bitterness of the people working in govermental positions!


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