The head God versus the body Goddess

In a previous post I have discussed the feminine face of God. For some, the idea itself wasn’t so appealing because that inspite the sexless nature of God as a spirit in the Abrahamic religions, it is still represented as a male entity whenever addressed in the Bible and Quran.

And while the Abarhamic religions is still dominating our world and has been for the past 3000 years, looking back in history books, one would find that things weren’t always the same. Going back in time, and before even the intorduction of several Gods as in the old Greek and Egyptian civilizations, the female Goddess represented by nature has been the first to worship. Despite its current state of affair, femininity was sacred because of the symbolizm of life coming out of wombs – women wombs.

In Paulo Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello Chapter “Antoine Lacadour, Seventy-Four, Historian, ICP, France” he emphasizes on the concept of the Mother Goddess and the shift of people’s interests around the globe towards her.

people are becoming more interested in pagan traditions.Why? Because God the father is associated with the rigor and discipline, whereas the Mother Goddess shows the importance of love above and beyond all the usual prohibitions and taboos

There is a big hype in the media about the importance of going back to natural means. Nature are becoming back more and more sacred than ever. People are tired of the Church’s dogma and the infinite amount of disciplinary rules they have to follow in order to control their own desires provided by nature.

In the worship of the Great Mother, what we call “sin”, usually a transgression of certain arbitrary moral codes, ceases to exist. Sex and customs in general are freer because they are part of nature and cannot be considered to be the fruits of evil

With the woman sexual revolution in the 60s of last decade in the US, along with the introduction of the feminism concept, sexual behaviours outside rigid marital constitution is becoming more and more of a norm. Sin concept is no longer valid with the worshiping of nature and surrendering to its rules.

According to pagan traditions, nature worship is more important than reverence for sacred books.

God’s definition is complicated. Having no clear cuts of the entity of God and him being omnipresence, it draws some questions of whether God is only a creator who is no part of this world, or he is everything that is represented in all the creation.

God is the creature or is all the creation- Buddhism and Taoism make no distinction between creator and creature

His masculine face is represented as only a creator, while his feminine face is represented by creation which contains everything in this universe including our ownselves being a part of God rather than creatures of him.

The distinction between the two concepts are bending towards the feminine Goddess. People are making an unconsious choice between:

The God who controls the world and the Goddess who is part of the world

The concept of Control versus love takes me back to Saint Paul words of the husbands being the head of his wife.

For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
Ephesians 5.23

Masculinity is associated with control and discipline of our human bodies, while Femininity is associated with love and nature. Maybe that is why Saint Paul said those words. Husbands control, while wives love.

The control of the Father God is shifted towards a more loving world with a Mother Goddess at the helm. Maybe it is the shift we need at this stage of life so that the body of God keeps on moving in harmony


  1. I find the post amusing although I don’t see why you have to incorporate sexual behavior and tradition in everything.I believe that making God male or female is really just labeling in the end, better than an “It”… and I am not saying a He is better than a She.Perhaps a He-God in the times when religions were revealed would yield better results than a She-God in terms of conversion/social/political control.Now going on to the sex part since you like to address it every time, yes it is natural and not sinful, but don’t forget that other than humans and dolphins, all animals in nature have sex for one purpose only: reproduction. Humans and dolphins are the only creatures who like to get laid for the fun of it.Would that make it natural or unnatural? No one knows, depending on your definition of natural. If by natural you mean anything that can happen in natural in raw format, then everything you see, all the laws and customs and things are just a part of nature – evolution meeting randomness to create and shape new things. So in the end the sex customs and traditions are a part of nature.


  2. I fail to see the point of this post. Can’t we just stop worshiping things and wondering about their sex and just have fun or work for a change?!


  3. KJ, I am glad you find this post amusing.The sex part was taken from the same chapter. It has a major link with the perception of God as you can read in the post. I didn’t just pushed it in the post for no reason 🙂But who told you that only humans and dolphins are the only animals engaging in sex for other reasons than reproduction? I have once witnessed in the street a cat having sex with another one who was dead. Was she trying to reproduce this way? 😛I agree with you about the vagueness in the definition of the term natural. I have addressed it myself in a previous post, but I guess what is meant in this context is the sexual instinct of animals. It becomes with no choice. I guess what is against nature here, is suppressing those instincts for certain sets of believes. Whatever, mmm, can you? A lot of people can’t just do that, right? but then, this is just an explanation of how things are changing of God’s perception.


  4. I don’t know if you’ve read “World War Three”. But it’s a book filled with prophecies that the French philosopher, Nostradamus, made. In this ‘Nostradamus code’ which the book’s writers claim to have cracked, they talk about the feminine face of god. Nostradamus prophesized that after World War Three, people will start believing and seeing the feminine side of God.


  5. Interesting!I beleive that too much Goddess results in smothering behavior and too much “group hugging”. Too much God results in too much individualism and control.I also beleive the feminine principle rules the “heavens” and the masculine earth – quite contrary to old paradigm beleifs…


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