My first crush

I remember my first crush in my teenage. I was around 15 years old when I noticed this beautiful girl at school who happened to be 2 years younger than me. Her brown hair and angelic face granted her a special place in my eyes – and heart – where she was like a different flower that stood out from all the other girls at school.

It was purely a look crush issue as I have never been able to come close to her and explore her character. Maybe it was the teenage nature that converted a simple look admiration into an obsession after a year or so of following her with my eyes everywhere she went to during our school class breaks. She became like a magnet to my heart, unconciously following her – with a big distance ofcourse – where ever she went to.

At first, and after a couple of months of noticing her, I knew that she had a boyfriend from another school. It was a bad news for me and a call to keep my distance. And so I did, I never tried to approach her till I, one day, found that she had broke up with her boyfriend. I was so happy then, and decided to move on and get closer to her.

I managed to let my sister introduce her to me, and for several days, it was a hi-hi kind of relationship. There was this *fashionable* way for girls at our school to introduce themselves to guys by begging them for money. “Hi, do you have a shelen (50fils)? aw bareezeh (10fils)” and then starting other talk. And she happened to be one of those girls using this technique. I remember the day she came asking me for money, and instead of giving her a bareezeh, I gave her my whole allowance, half a JD that time, and guess what? I felt good about it!

Unfortunatly, things never goes the way we wish for. The time I started hi-ing her. Another classmate of mine, who never heard about my crush, started dating her. His approach was more direct, and they, to my surprise, started dating (walking togather the whole time of our class break).

Out of respect for my classmate, I had to step aside. I was disappointed with my crush and got really down for sometime. With that misrable state of mind, I shared my misery with a somehow close female friend of mine at that time. Her sister happened to be a classmate to the girl I love, and I guess my friend had a crush on my classmate who started dating the girl I love. And so, (this was one of the first asafeen (back stab) I have ever got in my life), her sister went to my crush and told her that I am in love with her and want to talk to her in class break!

Ofcourse the girl I love went directly to the guy she was dating and told him that I love her and wanted to see her, and thus he was angry with me and came to talk with me. It came as a surprise as I haven’t did so, and wouldn’t want my affection for her to be declared in such a way. She even came with a smug look on her face and asked me what I wanted to tell her.

Their dating didn’t last long but what happened killed my dream of having anything with her. It highlighted my first love disappointment and a sweet memory of my teenage years.

Sorry Manal for taking this much to answer your tag, but here you go. Hope you like this story 🙂


  1. O God, when girls at our school asked for money they were just trying to introduce themselves!!!!After 12 years, that’s the first time I hear that, I never wished for time go back like now.Anyway dude, sorry for your misery, believe me it happened to most guys, fidak kol el banat


  2. Those first love experiances are heartbreaking most of the time.. I wish you are having a better luck in love now.. and that you learnt those lessons!How about Haya’s First crush 😉let her tell us about it!


  3. Haha. I love stories like this 🙂 I like the pick-up lines; begging for money.I think I want to write a post about my first crush some time. Keep an eye out for it 😉


  4. Begging for money, nice! so should i start approaching girls by doing that, it will be 2 in 1, as a way to be with someone and get some extra JDs 🙂


  5. Hareega, those were the days my friend :P. We had a really nice school days, didnt we?life, my love life is much much better now, thanks life 🙂Will post Haya’s first crush soon.Saad, :), I will keep on checking your blog to read about your first crush (is it enrique?) hehehebashar, I think that it doesnt work for guys, otherwise I would have tried it! 😛


  6. I was tagged too,am going to have to do it soon..Those first crushes are innocent and memorable and always end in disappointment..I hope you learned that if you like something you have to act immediately 🙂


  7. This is sweet and i can relate. If i may i will share my short story. I had a crush on this guy DB. from the very first day of High School I was like thats my husband when he stood up introduced himself. INstantly i felt that was my husband, my heart jumped out of my chest. My best friend told him two years later that i had a crush on him; he laughed and called me weird. We dated a year later. We fell in love he went to college I ventured overseas, we kept in contact 10yrs later we are great friends, we made a promise that by the age 40 11yrs from now if we are not married we will see if there is a maybe and sometimes I still hold this dream that maybe, maybe…. If not maybe then our friendship is awesome and I can accept that.


  8. ok one thing bothers me in this story ,as am a ( khalili)as u (allready know) and the idea of some one asking me for money gives me the need for catching some air :p, so …. she asked for barezeh and u gave here .5 a JD did she gave u the change back or that was a bouns for here .kidding he he he :p that was a nice one man Murad


  9. Noura, that is the exact listen that I would never forget :). Will keep on checking for your first crush 🙂whatever, hehehe, that is quite very possible! lolMarie, maybe, yes, who knows?! You knew it at first sight. Good luck 🙂Murad, hehehe, ya khalili :P, no, she kept the change, and I was so happy for that! Man, when you are in love, you dont think of money, unless you are…. mmmm… khalili 😛Hani Obed, yes, and the worst part that it last for 3 years for me. I m the kind of person who when love do really love! I think that my friend had a crush on my classmate who were dating the girl I wanted to date! hehehe. Complicated?


  10. hmm … am still tagged to do this dammit … nice story but it made me wonder why no one ever asked me to borrow any money (maybe i look hideous ??) all i ever got were girls waking me up from my slumber on the lawn does that count ?and so spending the break time together meant dating ?? WTF seriously, i thought it was just friendship damn


  11. not what i expecting, bas i sure did enjoy it, i was hopeing after she was told that u love her she will be confused to go after the nice loking one or the one who truely loves haik a “Kasandra” kinda story loool and i got sad at the end cause first crush should be tingly in the heart after so many years not and so many life lesssons 😦 now this explains they way you write” which i want to remind that i like”ok now looks whoes talking alot🙂


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