Haya: Answering your questions

I just won a fight over with The Observer. He was thinking of answering the tag of favourite blogger, and while he hasn’t formed a clear idea of what he wanted to write, and he didn’t even choose a favourite blogger because as he says everyone excels in a different league, he still wanted to post about it! On the other hand, I was standing there reading people’s questions for me without being able to answer any of them. He himself keeps on saying “She will answer you soon!”! I had to stand up for my self and made it clear. I told him “If you are going to introduce me to your blog readers, you have at least to be decent enough to respect my prospect fans”

Anyway, enough talk about my fight with The Observer, let me move on at answering your questions.

How come there are very few girls in Jordan like you? Or, is that self-explanatory?

While I do believe that I have common traits with most of the Jordanian girls, I feel myself special in many ways. I do believe that everyone is unique. There is no indetical two people even identical twins. If you are referring to me being more honest and daring than the average Jordanian girl, then you are right, I guess it has to do with me being raised and nurtured in the mind of The Observer. I don’t fear anyone, except of him, altough I have to behave in order to gain your admiration and love.

1. what do you do for living?
2. why did you choose your career?
3. Do you have a boyfriend, how is your relationship?
4. What are your dreams?
5. Have you ever considered leaving the country, why yes? Why not?
6. What do you think of marriage?

Wow Natasha, those are lots of questions. I will try to answer them all with the utmost honesty.

Career? I dislike this word! While I hold a steady job as a Public Relations offices in a big advertising agency. I can’t see myself working for many years to come. It is just too hectic for me. As I said before, I am a Witch. I like to enjoy life. This isn’t possible while keeping a job of 8 working hours per day. It just becoming more and more of an obligation on women to work in our society. It started as a form of equality, and while I do support women right to work, I don’t believe that she is obliged to it. I myself prefer to stay home, have some kids and enjoy my life. Women work can be good when she doesn’t have a good financial supporter (I know the Observer doesnt agree with me). I find it ironic how hypocrite people are. They rushed without thinking in accepting women to go out and work just to help men with the house expendures while still refuse to grant her her other rights. Like expressing her sexuality freely like men do, or having men helping their women in their household! Women these days end up in two full time jobs! At home and outside of it! That is insane. I am either keeping this or that! I promise you!

Boyfriend? No, currently I don’t have fun. I lost faith in men. They are always after something from you, and when they get it, they disappear! I have been hurt more than once. Always falling in love with the wrong guy, and thus losing faith in love as well. The Observer always try to argue me to change my perspective of love but he never succeeded. He has this idealistic view of life that makes me feel like shaking him and wake him up to face reality. Although I wish to believe him, but I have been there, done that. Men sucks! Besides, I am almost 25 years old, and don’t think that I have much time left to play around. If a man seeks me, he better be serious. I am after marraige now and I state it clearly.

I would never leave this country. I can’t live by my own. Unless I move out with a wealthy husband. Then I dont care. I know that I would miss my parents, but with money, I can visit them back on a regular basis. It wont be a problem.

My dreams? To find the man with the shining armor. The one who can protect me love me unconditionally. The man who can make me feel like a princess.

As for marriage, let me just say now that I feel about it the same way The Observer feels about death. I fear getting married as much as I fear becoming a spinster! I have a lot to talk about it, but The Observer’s mind seems occupied now, he can no longer concentrate here as he is loaded with work. I guess that I have to run so that to free his mind… ciao..


  1. hmmm… i had a few questions for her but never got around to do that (and honestly i wouldn’t get along well with her) i find her more of a leo to be honest that a gemini (just her need for attention and fleeting character, plus the will to subdue her partner) a character type 3 if u may.she really got on my nerves when she said everyone that lives for others will always be miserable since i see it that there are some people that draw their pleasure from helping others and being able to be a meaningful part of someone else’s life (usually make great compasses) honestly she sounds a lot like a gold digger, her purpose in life is to live and easy life thru the easiest path possible 🙂 by the way if haya ever happens to get a blog i’ll prob be one of the snarky commentators there


  2. no_agnel, I don’t think that I would get along with you as well! Who are you to judge me?! Gold digger? Is that what I get by being honest? You are the type of man who wants their women to give everything up and worship them blindly! Well, get it right my dear, I AM NOT THAT KIND OF WOMAN!and yes, I am a leo! Nothing bad about it. I am a leader and rebellious person and want things to go my way.Next time address me directly!HayaCompletely Anonymous and 100% Private, why don’t you do that? it is a good practice.


  3. hehe good one there… and the response is damn sweet too 😛 hmm and i won’t address her directly for the sake of 7aya2 3am, so since she’s a leo but said she’s a gemini that makes her… and please tell her she has no idea how wrong she is on so many levels with that statement (mwahahaha)


  4. hehehe, ops! It is my fault. Actually I think she is a Libra. She is an outgoing person. She has some qualities of Gemini and Leo, but she is more of a libra. I should ask her to make up her mind and give us a specific sign!So you dont like fighting women directly? It is not appropraite for a man to do so, right? 😛


  5. Hi Haya,Thanks for answering my questions, but you didn’t answer how did you choose your field of study and job? Did you have the chance to choose it in the first place?So if you marry a supportive man that will share with you the house holding and kids responsibilities, would you keep your job? Do you think that women do not have ambition? Or the fact that women do not have financial responsibilities and have other family responsibilities makes them loose their passion for career success? Or maybe that women in our society are judged by their looks and how good they cook..etc and not by what they achieve in their career ?


  6. we agree that haya is brave and whants to tell all … but am not sure … is Haya an ordinary jordanian girl or is she special,gifted and creative ??


  7. Hi Natasha, No I didn’t really choose my field of study which is btw business administration, or even my job. I just went along with the grade I got in the Tawjihi and what I could get at College. They told me it is good and easy, and I went for it. As for women ambition, ofcourse I do believe in it, but I don’t think that *career* the same we have it here in Jordan is what I am looking for. Maybe it is more about doing the thing you have passion for rather than working for the sake of money. I guess that it wouldn’t matter to me if I have my own business, like owning a spa, boutique, or fashion house. I guess that men and women are equal in this deparment. Men just are obliged by society to face it. We – woman – dont have to if we are smart enough to choose the right man 😉


  8. OK is it only me or does anybody else find this as being lame? I know I know I am bieng the buzz kill, the party pooper here.Sorry Observer, I love your writing but I can’t hold back ..lol , I tried when you posted your first post about Haya and after all these comments I just can’t take it anymore….soooorrryyyyyyy 🙂 .Suggestion, if you really want to get into it I suggest you create a user name for Haya so she doesn’t have to use yours :p .


  9. 7aki fadi, :(, I really wasnt sure about it at the beggining, but I got encouraged by the feedback :). Maybe the questions thing made it a bit lame. I ll see what I can do about it. Thanks for your opinion. I don’t want Haya to kill my blog 😛Completely Anonymous and 100% Private, cool, I will check it out 🙂


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