Another fight! This one is big!

Because people in Amman like to watch fights as much as having sex
*Almost* as much
And because fights can show more about the culture of nations
And the constraints and values our society imposes on us
Which does give those fights a deeper meaning
rather than the immature behaviour of young guys

I decided to write about another big fight I have been in
where here I can’t deny that I have been…
Beaten up!
But I have an excuse
Numbers beats courage!
Unless it is a holy story

I am writing in Saadna‘s style
Because I love it!
I am not sure how good I am in it
But it seems to work just fine
Mmmm, better than fine!

This fight is about a WOMAN!
I hear you saying “Tell us something new”
You are right, it is an old story
Most fights in the universities happen because of women
(no pun intended)
It isn’t because women are bad
In the contrary, it is because men are immature

Anyway, that day me and my friends were out for a dinner
While driving back home
The 4 girls in one car, me and my other two friends in the other car
That makes us 3 guys (remember the number)
The girls’s car stopped on a traffic light in front of us
Another car full of guys (5) stopped next to them
While we stopped behind the girls’s car

The guys, who seemed to come from the jungle
Actually, normal Ammani sexual harassers
Started to hit on the girls (just because they were 4 girls in one car!)

My best friend, who used to think of himself as a SUPERMAN
Actually he still does think of himself as a superman
and whom used to fight anything that goes behind his own well
Even if it is just a fly hitting his face
or a molecule of dust infiltrating his nose
He used to hit back fiercly!
This time it isn’t a fly, it is his girl friend being hit on by a group of guys
Imagine his rage?

Because male friends should (I mean MUST) stand for each other
and because we were happy of our new found muscles
that we built going to the gym for a couple of months
Where we thought of ourselve to be the ultimate gladiators!

We decided, based on our good judgment, to teach those guys a lesson!
We were 3, they were 5
We are muscled
We can beat them!
We were wrong

We started shouting and cursing them
They did the same
We turned left after the traffic light
They parket their car aside
We did the same

My friend wanted to take his huge stick (ganweh)
I tried to stop him so that he wouldn’t kill anyone
While we were fighting on the stick,
We didn’t notice that the guys already reached us
and that our 3rd friend is already caught by two of them
I had to let it go, and go to help him

I started hitting those guys, then I remember falling down
and then I remember feeling 10 feet kicking me everywhere
Where was Nasser? where was Ramzi? (my friends)
I had no idea!
I was thinking, if the guys were 5
If each guy has 2 legs, then that make them 10!
Nasser and Ramzi must had fleed!

I didn’t know that they each had to deal with seperate 5 guys!
Apparantly, they had their friends, and where in 3 full cars that we haven’t noticed!
As a sum, they were 15
While we were 3

Nasser claims to cause severe damage on two of them with his stick
Before he got out numbered and loose it to them
Where they used it on the poor Ramzi!
Who has now a bigger nose than mine!

Back to me
Lying on the floor with the 10 feet kicking simulatneously
I decided to wait, till they get bored
But they didn’t seem to
Untill their kicks reached my head
Where I freaked out
Because one hit me so hard that my head reach the pavement
So I screamed!
Not of pain
But in order to make them realize that they would kill me if they kept on doing like this
Fortunatly, they backed away
Nasser came to my rescue

Anyway, the 3 musketeers ended up beaten!
We had to take Ramzi to the hospital because he was bleeding!

We wanted to press charges against those guys.
And so Mr. Nasser, trying to be smart
Asked me in front of the DR.
Where did they get that stick from?
He didn’t want to be sued because of it
Me, being the naive person who I am
Looked at him in concern
Thinking that he has a memory loss!
“Oh my dear, it is yours” I said!
I realized my mistake from the way he looked at me!

When the police came to invesitage
We decided to LIE!
As a mean of protecting the girls!
Because their parents would kill them knowing that they have caused a fight
Some of their parents didn’t even know that they go out and have dinners with guys!
What a sin!
Welcome to Amman

Anyway, being the MEN we are
We testimonied that those guys HIT on us!
What a shame!
Some “7afartal” guys hitting on 3 “fafi” west Ammani guys
We DIDNT mention the girls existance

The inverstiagtion didn’t get anywhere
It didn’t have to
We had to endure the pain for a couple of days
and that’s it

Ramzi’s nose insists of reminding us of this incident.
As we grow older
We remember those days
And smile


  1. Nice story, lot of wisedom to the youth.. something like ‘300’ <>but<> Ammanies agaist amountless hooligans..anyway, would’ve been quite niec to think that u could’ve won ‘the competition’.. Knights of Amman.


  2. loooooooooooool…3amleen 7alkom 7afartal…I am glad that I haven’t lived in Amman long enough to engage in such fights (I only come in the summer). I am a very peaceful guy.


  3. Nart, Knights of Amman! lol. That would be nice 😛Devil’s Mind, mmm, I guess enough fights descriptions on this blog! heheh. Three balls are more than enough! lol Hamza, hehehe. Don’t you have such fights where you live? You live in Saudia right?


  4. since you’ve admit it, and declared that you are writing in Saadna’s style, and i noticed that from your previous blog. but i noticed that imitation is not as boring as what you wrote. for me i would think to stop this..and think clever. or u maybe u can’t innovate?


  5. Anonymous, it is the style of writing that I am immitating because I love it.Ofcourse she would still be the original version, and far better than me in this. But I think that it is nice to write this way for a change.I won’t use this style always, just from now and then.


  6. emm , well , maybe those girls didn’t need your help !!! plus , what exactly were the guys saying !!! girls should be able to stand up for themselves , you’re not always there to help them , now if those guys attacked them physically it would be a different story , but I still think that it was your fault .


  7. When you screamed, was it with a high pitch or roaring scream?Just for my visual boring details.yes, another question.. for my demanding visual frame, when down on the ground taking all these kicks, what position did you assume? the fetus, crouching tiger, or I’m dead (running from a bear one)?I still say stick to the lover not a fighter image 😛


  8. leish iza 3aref inno ahelhom ra7 yo2toloohom, ou lissa nazleen btiblashoo bi banat il nas. shoo law 7ada bilesh bi okhtak? bit7ib bintak tikzib 3aleik ou titla3 ma3 wa7ad inta mosh 3aref 3anno ou meen howweh?amma monafiqeen…ishi bi2arref walla. ou nazel btitntaqed il “7afartal” illi tajjook katlehwalla kondara mostawaha a7san minnak ou min illi khallafook


  9. Ma7joob, I guess it would feel so ashamed of ourselves if we didn’t interfere to protect our female friends. Yes, it would have been wise not to take it to physical violence, but we would have lost our respect to ourselves.anonymous1, I screamed with a roaring voice :P. It was an intentional scream that I tried to make it loud, manly, and expressing pain. As for how I was lying on the ground, I can’t remember exactly, but maybe in a fetus style. Kj, that is what we should have done! lol. The poor girls stopped their car nearby and witnessed all the fight!anonymous2, what’s your problem man?! Why do you insult me without even signing with a decent name so that I can address you directly with my response?Those were adult girls. They have every right to go out with their parents persmission or without it. They were our friends. We defended them as our sisters.


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