Sadees: 8 days week

Two days weekend is just not enough for me. I don’t think it is enough for people to relax enough from a long week of work so that they can go back feeling fresh and energetic on the next week after the weekend.

Having long weekends from time to time is a proof of how much value a third day added to the weekend can add to our lives.

Thinking about it, it is kind of stretch for us to ask for a 3 off work days vs 4 working days per week. Our week is only 7 days. Having nearly half of it off means a lot of waste in our work force and slippage in economic terms.

What would be the solution to this problem?

I suggest adding another day to the week. Making our week 8 days instead of 7 days. This way we keep our working days to 5 and at the same time can make our weekend days 3. Win-Win situation?

But we have a problem here.

We can’t change the number of days per year because it is subjected to the earth’s movement around the sun, but we can change the number of days per month and add the 4 extra days in each month. That would be extra 44 days per year. Which forces us to remove the last month of the year and make our year 11 months instead of 12.

But doing this (44 extra days – 31 days of December) we would end up with 13 extra days. So instead of adding 4 days to each months, we can add just 3. (13 (extra days) – 11 (one day per month)), we end up with 2 extra days. I suggest to deduct them from the end of the year and add to November just 1 day instead of 3.

That would make January 34, Feb 31, March 34, April 33, May 34, June 33, July 34, August 33, September 34, October 33, November 31.

New day’s name

What would we name the extra new day? and where should it be added?

In Arabic, I don’t think that we have a problem as we name the days based on numbers. I suggest adding it as a 6th day, after Thursday (Al Khamees) and before Friday (AL Joma3a). It is very easy to name it “Sadees” perfectly suits it.

In English, they seem to name their days after Anglo-Saxon deities. But I suggest to name this extra day “Sexday. It is the sixth day and can easily pronounced as sex-th day without much trouble. People would celebrate the beginning of their long weekends by having sex at the night of their sexday.


In addition to having an extra day per week for family, fun and relaxation, here we can unite the 3 major religions of the world. Friday is sacred to Muslims, Saturday is sacred to Jews and Sunday is sacred to Christians. All would be happy having those 3 days off.

Those who need some extra money, can take one or two of those days and do a part time jobs.

What do you think guys?


  1. Fadi, the only way I can describe your idea is that it’s the laziest and lamest idea I’ve ever heard of and coming from the laziest person I have ever met…just think a little bit, if you can;), about the consequences of your idea and you will find how stupid it is


  2. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!This totally cracked me up – this is exactly the thing that I would sit here and think about and obsess over and research and take extremely seriously. Hee hee – who knows, you just might be a little it crazy ya Observer, which I think is a compliment! 😀 You know, I truly believe that we would get MORE done as a work force if we work less hours/days but choose to CONCENTRATE during those days – know what I mean? No distractions for 5 hours a day is better than going to work from 9 till 5 or 6, and fooling around, and thinking where to go for lunch, and who to call for after work drinks, and what blogs to read, and what emails to send, etc. That way, we can work our focused 4 days, and get three days off. Or work for 3 days, and get 4 days off! Or work like 3 months a year and vacation the rest of the time. Or you know what, let’s all just retire by the time we’re 30 and figure out how to make money grow on trees.Ok nothing, now I am rambling on YOUR blog, shoo 3eib! 😉


  3. what you did is just changing names :).. you didn’t pay attention to the fact that the number of working days per year will be much less…. Plus it would confuse some weakly based religious rituals like (9alat aljom3a) in Islam…slowering the speed where earth orbits the sun to a certain velocity may help your idea perfectly.I like it though. I liked “the name” part…. :p


  4. Hala, you can ramble here as much as you like :). Wala 3eb wala she! I guess you are right, enno we can do more with less working hours 😛Maktoom, yes working days/year would be less, that is the point isnt it? lolBut I guess some holidays would fall under the long weekend, fa they would make up for the less working days.I don’t understand how Friday’s prayers would be affected? Friday would always be Friday 🙂


  5. you shall be prosecuted.You removed December. You removed CHRISTMAS. How dare you remove Christmas? Economies will collapse. Societies will fall. NOOO CHRISTMAS..(and I am not even christian :P)


  6. Manal Yusuf, I can’t understand it either! 😛Hamza, I removed December, but not Christmas :). We can recalculate the timing of the Christams into the new calender. It would be in November instead 🙂


  7. You got a great idea,but the time may not be right to share them with the world no worries there,s plenty of time to see them through,dont rush the process having the time to explore your creativity is bliss.


  8. <>“That would make January 34, Feb 31, March 34, April 33, May 34, June 33, July 34, August 33, September 34, October 33, November 31.”<> -Dude, are you out of your mind?! If we were to change the calendar, we might as well eliminate the unnecessary differences in months length!! Why should we keep the disadvantages of the old system in the new system!!


  9. Oh and I just thought of something…You’re going to be HATED by Muslim clerics. Why?Cuz you would be shifting Friday by one day. So basically you would be saying that Friday is just like any other day but just because it is called Friday, it is important.Of course, you would then have a clash with those people who say that in the Quran the word “month” is mentioned 12 times, and the word “day” is mentioned 365 times, etc.So the best solution is to have Thursdays as half a working day. That way we have 2.5 days of holiday and 4.5 days of work – which is more or less true given the amount of time we waste in the office writing these blogs 😀


  10. Devil’s mind, I actually like the differences between months for change purposes. It would be dull having them all with the same length 🙂KJ, I guess, we would have to say that Friday would stay, but the other days would be shifted :). As for the number of the world “Month” mentioned in the Quran, then we have to look closer to dismiss one of those 12 places it is mentioned in! lolHamede, the world should be ready for this change :P. A friend yesterday told me that we have to rename the week in Arabic. “Osboo3” is based on “Sab3a” (seven days), we should now have it in my new calender as “Otmoon” based on “Tamanieh” 🙂


  11. Very funny observer u r a greedy man i should be asking for a longer weekend i only have fridays off.but honestly nice idea i mean in my previous job i used to work 3.5 days per week and i used to be so productive whereas now look at me hehehe;)


  12. But at the end of the month, we always have to ask how long this month is… And then make up some stupid methods to find out… Some use the hand method, some go check the calendar, a few have the answer ready in mind… Why all that mess?! :S


  13. so i guess it is a win win situation hehehehe! so fadi please tell me did you sit down and think about removing one of the months and adding extra days to the far as nameing it Sexday well i’m so sick of sex at the moment! you know why Hehehe! but oh my it sounds great so what do we have to do to get this universal???marie


  14. waheed, that was my first thought this is so lazy! but then i started thinking more and more i think fadi really is on to something great, think about it more time with the family, more time to make sure your business i squared away. oh my people are well rested life is grand! what more could you ask for?marie


  15. Nass, in your case, you would be having 2 days off and working 6 days as of now. So you’ll gain a longer weekend as well.Devil’s mind, yes, I like to calculate the length of the month. Sometimes when I know it is short, I feel happy because it means my salary would arrive earlier! lolMarie, hehehe, yes I know, poor girl! Wish there is a way to make this true! and universal! lolWe are using a very ancient calender! Maybe it is time to change it and make it more suitable to our current time Otmoon is the solution 🙂


  16. OR MAYBE you should spend less time thinking about this and more time relaxing .Ps: this is your 2nd brillint psot btw , your first was the bedroom toilet thingy


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