Angels and Demons: Human nature

Angels and Demons, one has to wonder which really the angels are and which really the demons are in Dan Brown novel ‘Angels and Demons’.

He concentrates on Religion relationship with Science and the conflict aroused in the middle ages between the Church which dominated the search for the truth and science men who had to fight in order to give their own version.

Highlighting the past sins of the Christian church and glorifying the achievements of science men at some points in the story does make you wonder who has really been an Angel and who has really been the demon in our history.

At other parts of the story, he does highlight the moral support Church has been giving our world for ages and how much it has been trying to be our campus to do the right thing. At the same time, he points out what Science has really achieved, and how much it ruined our sense of wonderment and enjoyment of our world.

Church teachings have evolved with time where certain truth has been changed which does affect the credibility of its current teachings because if old teachings were subjected to change, why not current teachings as well? It leaves us in wonder of how much faith we can put in the religion teachings we receive if those teachings are subjected to change and turn to science for answers.

But Science is in no better position if we are talking about changes. For science people, there is no permanent scientific truth. Proven theories can get disproved any minute. What ever we lie on our knowledge of the outer world is subject to drastic changes as new scientific discoveries appear.

I have been mistaken in the past of trying to prove a point by saying Science says so, because science is as changeable as religion is.

While both science and religion have failed me in the past, and while both has brought some horror to our human race, in terms of holy wars (crusaders for example) and scientific horror weapon, I can’t dismiss the benefits both science and religion brought to our lifes.

Science has made my life much easier, but it has also stolen my faith and comfort of believing in an eternal life. It has provided answers to many things, but also stole the wonderment of not knowing. It has make us rush in searching for new things while forgetting to take some moments and enjoy our lives.

I guess that it doesn’t matter what the truth is really is, if there is even an ultimate truth, as long as we know how to handle our limited time on earth and enjoy each moment of it.

There are neither angels nor demons. Both Science and Religion are products of human nature. It is the beauty of us, not being totally black or totally white. We are a mix of different colors that forms the beauty of being a human.


  1. I don’t personally like gray positions. You’re either this or that, at least on a single matter at a specific time. Keeping things fluidic are indicative of weakness in character.I’m not saying that you’re reasoning is invalid, I just would prefer a clearer position.With that said, politics is completely based on not making those positions 🙂


  2. Qwaider, I didnt really understand what you mean with your comment. Do you think that my position of Religion and Science isn’t clear? I guess that I have always followed the same line. I don’t change stands unless I got convinced and then I stick to it. To sum it up. I am not a religious person. I have been taught Christianity in my childhood, that is why I am affected by a lot of its teachings. I guess that I am an agnostic based on what came into my way of life so far.


  3. “Both Science and Religion are products of human nature.”Well, not exactly sometimes relegion offers scientific explanations that was discovered in later ages…So saying that relegion and sicence are products of human nature eliminates the existence of god, and by saying so we admit that there is no afterlife which makes no sence of our existence!!In christianity and islam there is heaven and hell, in judasim there is no mention of hell..But after all, it is your beliefs that I respect but keep in mind that relegion regulated our lives and made us “humans”..Deep man:)


  4. Mohannad, if religion is a product of human nature, it doesn’t eliminate the existance of a higher deity or having an afterlife. I don’t really believe in heaven or hell, actually I am okay with heaven, but no way for hell. Maybe I should check Judaism then 😛Religion has been essential to people at some point of our history. Now it should evolve as we do.


  5. I agree with you. In fact, Angels & Demons changed my perception of Religion and Science. I don’t see them as adversaries rather than allies. I believe that science and religion can work hand by hand. Its just that both should keep improving and be flexible to change, especially religious people


  6. am slightly confused the beginning read as review of Dan Brown’s book …. then we have the yes or no propagator, who seems to attribute the admitance that “you” (thats a general you) lack the knowledge to take a position to weakness of character actually saying that Judaism doesn’t have hell is slightly misleading, they don’t have similar concepts of hell or heaven to the ones in christianity or islam eh a nice paradox, science and religion rarely have common grounds … but they been doing a good job coexisting


  7. Really good reasoning. It is a common misconception that science is infallible. As you pointed out, science is fallible and prone to error. It changes as you described.But unlike what you seem to suggest, change is NOT a downside. If someone is mistaken and decides to correct his mistakes, thats WISE!!What is truly unwise is knowing that you are mistaken, but letting your pride stop you from changing. The “God factor” that is characteristic of most religions, make it resistant to change because “its God’s will”. Sure, religions change. They try to resist change, but they eventually do change. Just like how the church, at some point, accepted that the earth is round not flat, and also as the church (based on my personal expectations) will accept homosexuality at a future point of time. Same goes to Islam that is changing from hate-based religion to peace-based religion under political pressure.Most religions, claim to both know the path and the answer. On the other hand, science -the scientific method- provide only a methodology. That is, it helps us to make a distinction between whats reasonable and whats not. It doesn’t provide answers, just a way to tell us: “Your doing fine.”, or “Your way off the hook.”In my opinion things are judged by their <>outcome<>. Not how true or untrue they are. My favorite example (guess I’ve told this example way too many times before), is Newtonian physics.Because Newtonian physics followed the scientific method, it produced tangible results in out world. It was not 100% accurate, but it still helped make new inventions like the rocket… So although Newtonian physics is not “true” in itself, “it works” because it was based on scientific methods.Misuse of science is there. But religions give us FALSE GRANTEES about it methods. Most religions proclaim and profess to be the ONLY and TRUE way to achieve a good life. The amount of amount of loaded lies in such bold proclamation is evident by the result of those religions. On the other hand, science is both honest about its limitations and potential hazards. Finally, I totally agree that both religion and science are products of human nature. I think religion exists because it is important. Religions are not just random events in the human history, they play an important role in its development and progress of humanity. From an evolutionary point of view, every aspect of human nature is important to its survival. So both science and religion are important to the survival. Diversity is important from an evolutionary point of view and where one fails, there is the other to carry on.


  8. Hamza, I agree, both are changing, and for the better. If they don’t change, they wont survive.No_Angel, I was confused as well! lol. I guess that there is no real hell in Christianity as well. I mean the concept itself is for a place where you feel sad, not a place of you being burnt with fire like in Islam.Devil’s Mind, what a long comment! :). It can work as a post itself. I guess that you have said it all. There is no room for me to add anything. I do agree 100% with what you said. Wise as always.


  9. Fadi, I have experienced both angels and demons, they are both real and would probably both be insulted that they are allies!I don’t see this huge divide with science and religion, especially when I agree that PORTIONS of both are man-made. BUT, that said, God and faith in Him, and ‘religion’ are not always the same thing.I believe God created this world and is actively involved in it because He is SO actively involved n my life daily. Whether He used a form of mutation to do that, I don’t care. He never said the earth was flat, it came from an obscure Psalm which was not a teaching on science. With your permission, I am going to pray that the Lord restores your sense of innocent elation in the wonder that He loves you deeply, created you for His glory, and desires relationship with you daily to show you the wonders of eternity. Peace. 😀


  10. Kinzi, you are definatly right, religion and faith in God are not always the same thing. You know what is kept in me of Christ teachings since childhood? Love. His pure message of love that resides in my heart since childhood. Whether it is the way God communicates with me, or is it a delusion or hormonial body reactions, it doesn’t matter.Living the moment with joy is what matters.Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate it 🙂


  11. Observer, He never lets go of those He loves, and you are obviously one of them! It’s an honor to pray for you, and I look forward to seeing how He will unfold His plan for you.I believe He created the human body to facilitate all life, whether spiritual, emotional or intellectual. Who knows how it all plays out at a molecular (or hormonal)level, but I think when He works it out, it is worked well.Blessings!!


  12. so Observer, I’ve been watching more and more of how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? its about quantum physic talking about religion and science. its so good i try my best not to make it complicated. Its interesting and it makes you think. i have to watch it in bits and peices. well, if i can put opinion in LOL (you know what they say about opinions?) I loved what you stated at the end. “We are a mix of different colors that forms the beauty of being a human.”Life is beautiful and i’m thankful for it! Love and hugs Marie


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