Fear, Anger, Dispair and Jealousy facing reality

Fear, Anger, Dispair and Jealousy have been trapped in a dark cave for ages till one day a big earthquake errupted causing the break up of the walls of the cave and leaving the four negative forces face to face with the light of the outside world.

Fear, which has been content with the darkness of the cave and fighting any slight curiousity of peeking out into the ourside world, came face to face with Knowledge. The rays of Knowledge hit the Fear on his face. It showed him the beauty of things around him that he has missed trapping himself in darkness. The Knowledge giant approached Fear, which was trempling in awe, lift him, and gave him a strong hug where Fear got diluted and disappeared in the ocean of Knowledge.

Anger, which has been banging his head with the stones of the walls of the cave, got the shock of his life from the calmness and peace of Nature. Moving in rage through the vast space around him where there is no stones to hit his head with, Anger found himself face to face with Silence. The hole of Silence absorbed it gradually till it faded in content.

Dispair, has never thought that there is anything in this world except the darkness that covered the space around him in his long life in the cave. He never moved and never thought to check other places because he believed that where ever he goes, it would be the same – Darkness everywhere.

Now with the current revelation of the outside world. Dispair stood frozen in shock of what he is seeing. Suddenly the Hope eagle jumped on him from the sky, grabbed him and raised him to new heights that he never imagined. The more height Hope reached holding Dispair, the more Disair found himself vanishing.

Jealousy has been biting himself since he came to life in that dark cave. He wanted to be changed to Fear, but it never worked out. He tried to mock up Anger, it didn’t work out. He tried to feel like Dispair, but couldn’t do it. He stayed in the cave looking around and jealous of everything around him.

When his sight fall on nature, he first was thrilled because he thought that there are plenty of things to envy here. but when he looked closer, he found himself face to face with Content. He never realized the existance of Content. He never felt the power of it. Content stroke him in a power wave. A strong tornado twisted Jealousy from its world and absorbed it in the world of Content.

Love, looked down from the sky, smiled in happiness, and sent the rays of light to cover other dark places that it hasn’t reached yet.


  1. Really nice post observer,You are right how love can conquer all these negative feelings.you know the expression a heart of gold you really have one.


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