TAGI buildings are NOT for SALE

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. International (TAGI) buildings are NOT for SALE! Lol

This is what my eyes caught as I was driving back to my work after lunch break. HUGE 3 signs on 3 buildings indicating that those building are not for sale.

It is hilarious as I have never seen something like this before. Why would anyone assume that a building is for sale if there isn’t a sign indicating so? and why would people in charge of TAGI decided to tell the world that their buidlings are not for sale? I guess there is more to the story. If anyone has an explanation please let us know!

Check out the pictures below:


  1. maybe this is like a feedback sign, they’re dying to sell them so they want the attention of people who didn’t consider buying them first.


  2. hey guys, I think it is like Hatem said because of their location in Al Abdalli just near the new developped area where they have plans to have An American University, many tours and mall, that is maybe a lot of inverstors annoyed them with pressure to buy those buildings.

    I didnt thought of that when I first saw the signs. It was new to me. I guess it is new to Jordan. Maybe as Tarek said it happens in other countries like Egypt.


  3. TAGI is under extreme pressure from the Municipality to sell their property to the company developing the Abdali project. The municipality had placed a hold on all the property in the area not just TAGI’s since June 2005. Owners are not allowed to build. Only option permitted is to sell to Abdali at the price they dictate. TAGI has taken a stand on principle and would rather loose their property to a court of law than be bought out by an investor by force.


  4. i was going to blog about this sign!! everyday on the way home i see it and i wonder why would anyone put such a big sign saying that it is not for sale though its location is not very tempting, its not too close to the abdali project and its on a narrow main street having a bridge and high traffic.. WEIRD!


  5. Thanks RedRose for the link. It seems that there are much going on about this case. Poor guys, the owners of the buildings, now they have to battle the government for their rights!


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