Health officials on homosexuality in Jordan! Walla 3eb!

Isn’t it time to have some officials in our ministry of health who really know something about health and related scientific methods?

Read this: Al-Ghad’s newspaper article on homosexuality in Jordan

And then read this scientific opinion of a Dr. on 7iber:

then stop and wonder of how safe are we with such professionals running our health ministry!

No wonder I was afraid to catch an infection when I had to take the health test for my ice cream shop at one of the ministry departments!


  1. What’s up with this all Gay fuss in Jordan. Who cares guys! Ok gays, we recognize you and we admit that you have the right to live it! just leave us alone man! and stop trying to convince straight people to become like you!Still i can’t feel comfortable setting or touching a GAY. I’s anthropology in action i can’t control it.The other day i regretfully went to box@cafe and there were like 10 GAYS surrounding me. I felt claustrophobic! Ok this is uncivilized but it was disgusting to me!


  2. 3awwad… ya 3awwad… la tath-hab ila tilk al amaken al mashbooha… la2ano bte3raf, gay guys are so ugly and awal ma yshoofo 7adan moo gay biseero bido yno6o 3aleh… funny how we think, like every gay guy in town is out to sleep with us.


  3. Thats a joke! Obviously officials are always going to be lying about real numbers… I would think we have more like 150 thousand homosexuals, if not more! And they say, 150… Thats pathetic!


  4. الشذوذ الجنسي مرض نفسي ناتج عن اختلالات نفسيه تعرض لها الشاذ في فتره من حياته .. وهو بالمناسبه قابل للعلاج و تعقد الكثير من الدورات العلاجيه لاعادة هؤلاء الشواذ الى الوضع الطبيعي …انا شخصيا اكره الشواذ واشعر بالقرف منهم ولا يمكن ان اقبل بحال من الاحوال التعامل او التعاطف معهم وهم مصدر رأيسي للامراض المنقوله جنسيا ..


  5. Anas,Mental retardation is a disease. It cannot be cured but the society can help the mentally retarded.I personally feel sad for mentally retarded people, but know their opinions should not be taken seriously. They are an important reason for our country’s backwardness. If you can actually read what i wrote. WHATEVER!


  6. You said it, walla 3eb! But with all honesty I think this article would do more good than bad to the society. At least something that is considered off boundaries is now being discussed. It’s sad that when more and more countries are legalizing same-sex marriages, arguments like this still take place. It is also sad that with all the censoring and scrutinizing that the press has to go through, something like this article is still published. Whatever, the sarcasm is not very obvious in your last comment, and I wouldn’t consider it a very strong argument, could be easily misunderstood. 3awwad and Anas, I’m deeply, deeply sorry for you.


  7. 3awwad, do gay people try to convince you to become gay??! That is not possible man if you have no same sex attraction. It is stupid to even come up with such accusation! I think that homophobia is *treatable*Farah, just checked it out! I didnt know you have a blog :), will ad it to my blog roll.whatever, lol!DM, exactly! Can they be this stupid?!!Anas, homosexuality is not a disease that can be treated. Homophobia is. It is time to learn more tolerance towards each other.Anonymous, maybe it is good to break a taboo, but they broke it in a very bad way. It is shameful to have a country official in our health ministry talk like this! They should be medically educated to be in that position!


  8. thanks observer for dubbing me stupid. I knew 2 gays in my life. And they both tried to convince me to discover the “gay” inside me. What the fuck man?! what are the odds of that? Maybe i was so unlucky! duh


  9. 3awwad, it is either you are gay and in denial, or they were pulling a joke on you! One’s sexual orienation can’t be change, those gay guys that you claim tried to change you should know better, don’t you think?


  10. Am so not gonna comment on the article…i dunno why am i commenting on this blog more often lately lol well… Awwad-Anas-Homophobes-crappy-whatsoever !! Lets just say you had an accedint ( God forbid tab3an ) and you lost huge amounts of blood,went to the hospital and you needed some blood donation,and A GAY person is your only option with the blood type and stuff, well trust me dude you wont ask if this guy is straight or’ll just take the bloody blood,because we all happen to be humans with the same blood you know!! you should seek therapy ! like seriously ! i can recommend you a proffesional who can help you embrace the inner you !Observer ! am starting to like your blog man


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