Thunder of love covering the void

A glossy heart met sparkled eyes
Beauty stood in awe
Joy and happiness filled the space
and silence took over
Anticipating the thunder of our love

Closer we came togather
Lips locked
Ecstasy drove Cupid insane
Celebrating the quality of his achievment
and then
light grew from the head of candles
covering all over the world
in a sacred moment
Worshipping our love

Hands touched
Fingers rest between each other
Each next to his parnter
and the blue blood of love
issued an electrical beam
originated from our noble souls
to hit the shaken kingdom in the sky

We sit on a rock
Four eyes in line with each other
With the bless of heavens
casting a light of dreams
far into the horizon
Knowing that
with a blessful present
two Gods
who own the world
with their love
Are looking forward
to step on the road of time
and leave a mark of love with each step

Marks that outlines their love story
in RED
for the world to celebrate

Happy Valentine


  1. I was reading and I decided that one line was my favorite then I read it again and cudn’t decide which one is my favorite!! I really liked it 😀 gr8 poem 😀 happy valentine … 🙂


  2. fadi, i love the poeme, and i really like some parts as we already discussed it from a while.. besides, checking on smne’s comment, i can feel that some pple r going for silly words just to express themselves…for that anonymous i can tell that earth is not only for ignorants anonymous pple, so get a life really. cheers fadi. good day my friend, and happy valentine again.


  3. Hey Fadi, if i may call you that..I had no actual idea what the text was, and i just thought maybe you could help. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the effort. i sincerely appreciate it, atleast now i can say i tried my best, and i can never wonder if i could have stopped something bad from happening. I guess its out of my hands now, and in the hands of Gd and i am positive that everything will happen as it should. Thank you again and beautiful beautiful poem my friend 🙂MwahYajna


  4. life, ente 7elw :). Happy Valentine to you as well.Lost within, that is so great to hear. I am so glad you like it. Happy Valentine 🙂Natasha, beautiful, like you 🙂Noura, love is the greatest gift 🙂a-mok, I m glad you like the poem. Cheers for you and happy valentine 🙂Yajna, yes, sure you can call me Fadi. Hope that we were able to do something to the spirit of that guy. I know that your love and concern must have touched him in a way or another.I am glad you find this poem beautiful. Happy Valentine, mwaaah


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