The honor of a lady is the honor of all men

The honor of a lady is the honor of all men

It is not clear to me whether men’s protection responsibility for women in their lives is a natural instinct that defines the sexual relationship between the two sexes or is it a social construct that is build around worshipping masculinity where a man’s masculinity is measured by his strength and ability to provide safety for related women and children.

It is also clear that the majority of women are drawn to men with superior physical attributes where they would feel safer about men whom they subconsciously believe can protect them. For some women, it isn’t a matter of physical strength, as a strong character of a man is a major turn on for a woman that proves his ability to take up such responsibility.

And while women around the world, especially in the west, and due to the modern life advancements, are grown more and more independent of their need for men’s protection in a society where physical strength is no longer a mean of power, you can see that in a less mature societies the major dynamic that dictates the relationship of women and men is protection

It is more clearer in the Arabic teenage communities where it reflects in an extra immaturity what is going on in the Arabic societies at large. At schools, the rules of the state are not applied as it is applied outside schools borders.

This talk reminds me of a major fight happened at my school when I was in 11th grade. The reason ofcourse was the honor of a lady who was in 10th grade and was dating a guy in her class. While I am not sure what really happened then, but it is something that an 11th grade student tried to hit on the lady where she ran to her boyfriend for protection, and because if her boyfriend didn’t act in a *manly* matter, which is kicking the other guy’s ass, then he would lose his honor and status at school.

The story ofcourse doesn’t end there. We all know how our Arabic societies love grouping. We all like to fight, after all dying fighting is a major attribute every Arabic man dreams of for the sake of his honor, and we all look for a certain bond with other people in order to fight with, if it isn’t a blood bond then it is a religious one, and if it isn’t a religious one then it is race one. There is always a bond. And at school, our bond was classes! Like 11th grade class have all something in common, 10th grade class are one group also, and so and so.

So in no time, each one of the two guys at odd were able to group the entire males of his class. All little men stood infront of each other ready to prove their loyalty to their class and fight the battle of their lives for the sake of the lady’s honor (it became their own honor now).

Ofcourse your humble writer didn’t want anything to do with it. It is just now that I realized that since my childhood I have never allowed any type of bond to push me into hurting someone I barely know and who happens to only be at the other side. Humanity has been my only bond and peace has always been my blind choice, and even at that time, watching all those guys fighting each other fiercely while teachers unable to control them, I stood their in between trying to help breaking them apart. And when someone got really hurt, as he got a serious injury at his shoulder, I went insane and started to shouting here and there for them to stop this insanity.

I have never been able to comprehend the amount of hurt we human beings can inflict upon each other. Life is hard in itself, a lot of other things are doing enough damage to us, and the last thing we need is us hurting each other. It becomes more absurd when many men get hurt for a single woman’s honor.


  1. But this is child play that got serious … 10th graders and 11th graders … they might as well have fought over who can lick a lolly pop faster!Projecting the ideas of Woman’s honor to this level is a little bit of a stretch .. These kids are going to fight about one thing or another, it happened to be a girl this time, but I’ve seen much less reasons like .. looking at someone funny!It’s very clear that in modern societies women no longer need this physical protection. Yet, the physical attributes will always be welcome, as long as they’re used to kick someone else’s butt!Funny story, once this lady that was out with me, wanted me to fight with a tanker driver because he looked at her, she was like .. “Are you going to be silence about it”? This was once case of woman aggravated assault .. she wanted me to fight for her honor, it wasn’t my intention … nor did I go for it … Maybe that’s what happened to your friends, she was the one behind all of it 🙂 like the lady who was with me


  2. It is true that women look for protection in a man , a man does the same thing as well , It might not be the physical kind of protection , it might be emotional as well 🙂 infact physical protection is not “it” any more !! I can join a martial arts class anytime and protect myself without *a7em* a maaaan to do that for me!!! however some women go to far with this!! They love the feeling of being wanted and of having some one who is so keen on protecting them and fighting his life for that!! It gets really cheesy sometimes , such as in the one incident u provided us with 😉 although Honor is not the real case when it comes to teenage love 😛 It was a pleasant read as usual ,Have a nice day 🙂


  3. I got into a lot of fights as a kid, although I never started them, I would usually finish them, and usualy with the other guy hurt. I stopped after 6th grade.Although in 8th grade I remember one girl insisting on my being her boyfriend, and announcing this to everyone, and when I refused, she attacked me, kicking me just above the knee. I told her I won’t take this from her, and kicked her back, same place same intensity. Later she went to my sister and threatened to go tell the school principal I attacked her. Honor of a lady, perhaps not!


  4. Qwaider, actually it is not a stretch qwaider, teenager community is a reflection of our society at large, and in our early age we do inherit the morals of our society. I remember clearly how much it mattered the honor of one’s relative females at that age. Boys at that age are in a real crusade to prove their manhood, and standing for the women they know is a way to do so.Bravo 3alek man, that is a wise thing to do, not accepting that lady request for you to fight for her 🙂lost within, that is an interesting thing, to think that men are looking for emotional security with the women they love. I guess that I have to give it some extra thinking 🙂You have a great day too, enjoy the snow 🙂Hani, that is quite a daring act for you to hit the girl back :). Bravo 3alek :P. We are taught not to hit back a woman, and some of them do really take advantage of that!


  5. I am not a philosopher and I do not intend to be one however, u can see what I am talking about with old couples! The relation ship between a man & a woman when they are both grey and older relies on security and nothing more!! I mean their physiques are not the same anymore !! u can take the relationship of a man and woman who are not lovers , mother and son relationship !! I am running out of ideas in here put I think u got my point 😉 Have a happy happy snowy day !!


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