A good month for The Arab Observer

July has been a good month for The Arab Observer. There seems to be more eyes on this blog than I am aware of. It just makes me feel happy and proud of being able to deliver my thoughts and opinion to this amount of audiance.

Starting with radio Monte Carlo, and as I stated before, thanks to Manal Abu Sham (RedRose), who didn’t only recommend me to Yan Isam Al Haj for his show as a Jordanian young writing talent, but also saved my butt on the show after my awkward shiness nervousness where I couldn’t speak clearly of what differenciate my blog from other blogs in Jordan. She stepped in and talked about the simplicity of my language and the way I deliver my thoughts in a way that reach my readers as a friendly talk rather than a complicated advice.

I was so flattered when Yan introduced me to the audiance of Monte Carlo as the most famous and popular Jordanian blogger! Although I am not sure from where he got his sources, or how truth is there in his claim, I was thrilled with such declaration (with a bit of worry that this would upset some fellow bloggers :P).

In addition to Monte Carlo, I have been mentioned in other printed publications. Thanks to Kinzi, who I call her ‘El bashara’ (the person who deliver good news), she pointed to me that my blog has made it into the super highway section of JO magazine this month along with her blog. After checking the mag, it turned out that they placed a paragraph of my post of dismay about the Palestinian situation and Hamas and Fateh recent conflict.

Kinzi also pointed out that a reader of Viva has written a letter to the editor about my June’s His view article in the magazine. Joan Miller, posted about how much she enjoyed reading my thoughts about masculinity, and said that Not Kind of Man is the right one of her taste. Thank you Kinzi, and thank you Joan Miller.

Along with that, my friend Pheras Hilal, and after reading about my struggle with the municpality that I have written about a couple of months ago on my blog, decided to investigate that subject and publish it on Venture magazine. He has done a brilliant job in addressing the hardship small business starters have to go though in Jordan in order to get their business started. Well done Pheras.

And thanks for all the readers of this blog, for makeing my voice heard.


  1. hey man. Good job. I tuned in to listen to the show.But seriously I burst out laughing at 2 occasions:1- the issue of women masturbation and children sexuality being referred to as “women & children rights”…LMAO…children & women rights2- your so called “silent” treatment at the end. But overall, it was good. You really deserve it. Your blog is unique in tackling very interesting issues. Sometimes it is controversial and lacks actual facts, but at least you had the courage of expressing your opinions in a very structured & organized way and bilingually when possible.


  2. Bravo 3alayk, ya Fadi!! A good month INDEED! I have some more publication ideas for you… 😀“El Bashara”, I like that! I have to say I may have lost that distinction if I had added my opinion to the post of Satanism, (all due respect to DM). I disagree MOST strongly, but just don’t have time to write it out!


  3. I never had doubts about your talent. Well done my friend. I’m so proud of youYou do have some earth shaking ideas, I might disagree with some of them at times but at the end of the day, what matters is that we’re expressing and improving ourselves by the day through interaction and other people’s points of viewsAgain, well done .. you do deserve to be among the top in Jordan


  4. You can thank us by inviting us to home made mansaf.And I am going to eat with a spoon.That should bring you more press 😛


  5. lol Hamza, I actually suck in oral interviews! I really didn’t know what to say! But dont you think that having women feeling good about their bodies and sexuality is a basic right of them? 😉Thanks for the nice words about my blog. I am glad to hear your opinion of it.Kinzi, thanks :), mmm, I can’t wait to hear your publicatin ideas.You wont lose ‘El bashara’ title as you always bring me good news with you. I wish you had time to give us your opinion on satanism. It is always a pleasure to check out both sides of the coin.mqabbani, thank you manqwaider, thank you! I am happy to hear your opinion about my writings. You are definatly right, we always learn from each other and improve ourselves. Well said 🙂kj, I would need to take a loan in order to have a mansaf for all my blog readers ;p. Maybe I should invite you to an onlin mansaf of a good food of thoughs :p 🙂


  6. and who said they are not enjoying their sexuality and their bodies. That’s why we have many prostitutes in the arab world; especially Jordan.hehehe


  7. THis is awesome Fadi, i am excited for you honestly with your talent i see a lot of great opportunities heading your way 🙂 many many more blessings to you this year 🙂 Love and light marie


  8. Observer, No doubt about the quality of your posts, keep up the good work and who knows…. maybe an Ice cream owner and a professional writer 🙂


  9. Hamza, :S! I am talking about the majority! And no we dont have much prostitution! Marie, Thank you dear, many blessings for you as well.Bashar, thank you man! Hope all works for good 🙂


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