Is Confederation a real threat to Jordan?

I have always read/heard with wonderment from different sources of how a co federal state between Jordan and Palestine is a threat to Jordan national security. I can’t recall anyone bringing it up or stating the benefits of such confederation, but I have always read articles quoting Jordanian authority voices which deny any plan for a confederation and claiming people suggesting it to be traitors who conspire against both the Jordanian and Palestinian people.

It seems that there is an unanimous agreement between Jordanian intellectuals, columns writers and government authorities against the idea where it seems like one of the red lines that even thinking of writing about does scare me, not just from the expected rage and attacks from the readers of this blog, but also in terms of the level of freedom of speech we are allowed to have in Jordan.

The major flag raised in rejecting the idea is losing any hope of an independent Palestinian state which we have been fighting to achieve for more than 50 years now. While the independent Palestinian state is a dream to every Arab – including me – I don’t think that having one under the current conditions and only in the West bank and Ghaza would help Palestinians living in those territories. If Palestine can’t manage to help its people to survive and nourish, then why have it?

The second major flag at the Jordanian side is the flood of people who would be carrying the Jordanian nationality. Jordanian tribal system helps in protecting the power of the Jordanian tribes who originally inhabited this country. The arrival of many Palestinian refugees in the past and their acquiring of the Jordanian nationality have created a sense of competitiveness between Jordanians from Palestinian origins and those Jordanians with Jordanian origins. Once being the dominant majority and main player in forming the political/economical and social scene in Jordan, Jordanians with Jordanian origin found themselves competing on their own land and natural resources with those new comers.

With the threat of another millions of Palestinians potential carrying of the Jordanian nationality, those with Jordanian origins which were once a majority would find themselves a minority.

Although I am aware of the complications of the tribal system in Jordan and the power struggle to ensure the safety of each party rights, I believe that Jordan is moving on to be a modern country, a country with associations and law where each individual holding the same passport with the J0rdanian nationality should be – and in fact is treated – in the same way, with equality in obligations and rights.

The toll of poverty in the West bank and Ghaza is another concern that should be addressed if a serious talk about confederation ever took place. We have achieved a lot in this country in the past couple of years where it is risky to jeopardize the momentum of our economic growth by acquiring new under developed areas. Maybe with the help of the world wide funding schema and support in rebuilding those areas, it can help improving the lives of both parties on the east and west sides of the bank.

I am not saying that a confederation would be a magic solution to the entire problem, but I am appalled of how everyone rushes in dismissing the idea without even studding its potentials, if there is a benefit for both parties, then why not?


  1. Observer,1-the two entities will be disconnected.2-Jordan is wanted to do the dirty work of fateh and israel.3-The “new citizens” have different habits and behaviors.4-Jordan will become responsible for the actions of its citizens including the ones the bomb buses, which will give israel and execuse to “defend” itself against “jordanian terrorism”.5- Tribes will never accept this.6- You must respect what people want, we shouldn’t as jordanians pay the price of other peoples mistakes.7- If Jordan didn’t participate in the 1967 war we would now be an example of democracy and open society.8- We should focus on ourselves.I can go on and on, but I will stop..And by the way Khaled mesha3el is against confederation, and he supports the current elections law..Observer this is a hard one, and I think we are better left alone, we can’t(As a country) take it anymore..


  2. It is such a mess.I have no idea of Jordanian policies or Palestinian Jordanian people and everything about tribes and such.So I can’t give any meaningful comment. 😦


  3. Mohannad, 1. The twi entities would be connected.2. It would be a cooperative work that would help enhancing the lives of many people in the middle east.3. We have different habits and behaviours already! Differences is a plus.4. Jordan would make sure ot prevent such actions.5. Tribes are dissolving with our modern society.6. I agree. We should respect what people want, and shouldnt pay the price of others mistakes.7. I am not sure about that, but I agree that we shouldnt have entered 1967 war.8. Agree as well. Kj, well, as you said, it is a mess 🙂


  4. Of course all the blabber contains two usefful sentences (Thanks a loty for wasting our time) :1. “Why have Palestine if it cannot help its own people?” …which is the most ridiculous juvenille argument I have ever heard. Zionists failed to come up with such a genius reasoniung to why we dont need palestine!! 2.Jordan is moving toward becoming a “modern” country so the tribal system will vanish soon….which is even a more dellusional argument thyan the first one….The lesson as always : STUPID IDIOTS should not be writing political analysis with their knowledge sources being limited to satellite news channels and newspapers. Just because you know how to use a keyboard and a browser does not mean you can express your trivial political analysis.My modest advice to you is to stick to issues that you are more familiar with and hands on experienced with like exchanging sexual favors with same sex partners.


  5. Falteh Fag, 3njd ennak falteh! alla yo7rosak men el 3ain! At least you are following my writings which I applaud you for! Try stress management therapy. It would help.


  6. I kinda agree with what your all are saying but I have one added reason that I find missing, I’m going to put it in a story format. lets assume I’m the owner of the building, I have no relatives in that building so I’m controlling residents, mainly the heads of families (influential ppl) by giving them benefits and money just to be quite and I can still be the owner, if more ppl came to my building then I will no longer be the owner of that building because I wont be able the satisfy all people, and then I will be out for good. Use your imagination now 🙂


  7. I sort of agree with falteh’s views, not the personal insults because its too brash, I’m referring here to the poltical analysis. You normaly present a cagey opinion such as the one in the Viva article but this time around you chosed to talk about something that you probably not familiar with all of the ramifications attached to it. I know that you normaly try to simplfy things but may be simplification isn’t the right approach for this hot button issue.Both Jordanians and Palestinians are against it so why bother with polding along & churning water.That isn’t all, your piece about the topic leaves the reader very confused about where exactly you stand from the issue, you don’t articulate your position in a clear manner.I’m trying to say that your argument is nonsequitur. The easy answer if you will….No federation or cnfederation until after the estabilshment of an independent Palestinian State.


  8. المهبيل والاغبياء كثر يا لكم من مخنثين،بعد ماتاجرتوا بدم الشعب الفلسطيني وقبطوامليارات من الدولارات هسا الشعب الفلسطيني صار عاله عليكم,من 1920 وال هاشم بقبظوا علي أحساب ومصير هذا الشعب،ولكوا أصحوا من الغيبوبه ألي عايشين فيها وبكفي خيانات


  9. I just can’t believe the ignorance of the Jordanian Bloggers now a days,my ileterate grand father wouldn’t dare to say what you have posted. Wakeup people!


  10. bashar, i m trying to understand your model. if i got it right, i would say what if the nearby building inhabitants asked the owner to own and run their apartments as well because of his good management style? would that be bad?anonymous, this is a kind of critisim that i value and like to respond to. Thank you.Actually whenever i usually try to look at both sides of the coin. what i m presenting here is that the arguments i hear against confederation is not convincing to me. I am not taking a sharp stand, i am stating my opinion with the data i have at hand. If anyone can convince me of the real risks of such confederation, then yes, I would be against it. Till now I dont see why it is that bad.I am glad to read that you have noticed my style of symplifyng things. I guess it is part of my character.


  11. explicits won’t do it justice i think so am going to keep it clean.Please when you start attacking someones abilities in something put down you abilities so we as the audience can be judges since you are obviously unable to do the job! if you don’t like something and you don’t have anything to add to the conversation please move on. We you come to someone elses space where he presents his <>OPINION <> you sure as hell can’t put him under an experts lense. when you are pissed off with something and ur brain cells can’t amass to anything other than personal insults and then you attack him on intellectual grounds i think you have lost the argument before it started He was only saying that why do people dismiss the idea so strongly and fail to look at some of the good sides of it, whats non sequitur about it am not sure. given his premise he reached a perfectly viable conclusion unlike youif there were actually some serious comments then i would have argued the post but that just put me off


  12. ومن قال لك أنالشعب الفلسطيني سوف يهرول وراءنضام مهتراء وليس له لا حوله ولا قوه،أنا لا أدري عنكم أيها المدونون ألاردنيون وكيف تجلبون هذه ألاافكار والقصص الخياليه بأن الشعب الفلسطيني سيائتي راكعن ومتاوسل الي حكم مر عليه أولوف السنين ولا يصلح حتي الي أداره مزبله


  13. no_angel, thank you man! I really appreciate your support! You have said it all! and put it very nicely 🙂antizionist, I don’t think that people of Palestine really have a better option. They are struggling under the authority of two bad parties who have done them nothing except more suffering.Our leadership in Jordan has proved its excellency. We are doing better than most of the countries in this region because of our smart leadership. If we can help our brothers in Palestine, then why not?


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