My impression of the top 8 dedicated readers of my blog

I would like to write a bit about my impression of the most dedicated readers to my blog where I may not have met in person but through their ideas and writings on their blog have came up of an idea of what they are like.

Kinzi: The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of Kinzi is that she is a “Mother”. Her compassion and tenderness show in every post of her. At her blog we can see how much she cares about her own kids (Kinzikids) and with her correspndence with other fellow young bloggers we can see that her motherhood is not explicit to her own kids only, but giving mature and responsible advices to others as well.

Saadna: Spontanious is her promenent quality. She is young and energetic. She has a great sense of humor and a unique writing style (You know how much I like reading your blog Saad?). I doesn’t help but to smile whenever I read a post of hers. She mixes childless attitude with mature open minded thinking.

Devil’s mind: Genious. He is very Intelligent and Intellictual. He has a blog that I actually learn when I read on. Sometimes I can’t understand the mathematical equasions and physical laws he talks about, but I like the way he introduces ideas and argue logically leading you to realize things you have never thought of.

RedRose: A sweet young girl. She is doing so well on her blog. She writes in both English and Arabic. She has an excellent sense of humor as well where she can reflect social problems in a sarcastic way to show our flows while drawing a smile on our faces.

Average-Moh: Where have you been man? This young man has only started his blog recently. He has been a dedicated reader to my blog for months now. We tend to disagree but I do respect and admire his input. He has a light and nice blog where he reflects his own thoughts of life.

A-Mock: Good friend, new blogger. Here I can’t talk about my impressions of him through his writings only as I know this guy in person. He is so creative and artistic. Recently I have come to realize that he is a good poet as well. His blog is less than a month old but does have good potential.

Wish you all the best…


Sorry guys I forget another 2

Marie: She is a very spiritual person. She shares with me my passion to Paulo Coelho writings. I do admire her spiritual take on life. She is planning on her own Pilgrimage soon. I can’t wait to read about that in details on her blog.

Qwaider: Sorry man I forget you before. Now, I add you in my updated list. Who doesn’t know Qwaider? :). I guess that my impressions of him are a bit affected by others impression of him as well. Qwaider is a very active memeber on the Jordanian blog sphere. He seems to be dedicated to making his blog to be one of the tops. He does introduce many nice subject to people to discuss. I guess that what differenciate him mainly is his desire to object. I feel that he always like to take the other side in order to make a debate. while some people might find this quality annoying, I do think that it is a positive treat because peopel always learn this way.

Qwaider is going a great job holding bloggers togather after Jordan Planets stopped serving us. Thanks Qwaider for your efforts on Qwaider Planet.

Hope that I didn’t forget anyone else. For those I did, please forgive me 🙂


  1. Weird, I didn’t make it to the list!!? 😦
    Dude, I bet you anything I’m probably one of these, I haven’t missed a single post for you since you started 😦

    Anyway… I love your blog too 😀


  2. hey!!! what a morning!! well u make my day then with your opinion!! :))) mwa. kewl words, and i really apreciate it;) to th best. cheers!


  3. Sorry Qwaider, I fixed that. Hope that you like what I wrote about you 🙂

    I am glad to know that you haven’t missed a single post of me. It makes me happy to know that. Thank you.

    A-mok, cheers man. I am glad I made you happy. Keep up the good work on your blog…


  4. You have to see the smile you draw right now on my made my day..So sweet from you observer , I find ..a clear mind,good ideas expressed in simple way here that what keep most of us attracted to your blog and your posts.

    Keep it up and good luck 😉


  5. i didnt make it to yr list,
    loool im kidding afcourse i wont

    although i dont leave a comment everytime but i do read most of yr posts….and “the moment of being alive” i read it like maybe 4 times. i wanted to leave a comment but when there’s post that good, you just cant leave a regular comment, its better not to comment at all

    good luck


  6. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am glad that you find something to learn from what I got to say.

    I am not really a genius or anything, thats a bit over the edge.

    I just like logic and put it on priority. Many people argue for what they “feel” is right. I argue for what seems logical to me. What feels right isn’t always whats right, at least thats my view. This sometimes make me look like a hard-ass.

    In the end, the most important thing is the learning experience.

    By the way, u’ve gone the hard way of mentioning names. This is a sure-way to get some people upset!! But well, since I am not one of those people, I am glad that you did.


  7. RedRose, I can see your smile :), and glad I drew it.

    Marie, you are welcome 🙂

    Saad, I know it 😉

    Manal Yusuf, I am sorry you didn’t make it in my list :(. I guess that there are many others who do read my blog but comment very rare. I have read your blog a couple of times before. I guess that I should be doing so more frequently so that I can form a better impression about you.

    I am so glad that you liked my “The moment of being alive” post. You read it 4 times?!! This means a lot to me. Thank you for letting me know 🙂

    Devil’s mind, I think that you are humble as well :P. Well, I honestly think that you most definatly have a much higher IQ than the average people. Have you ever checked it up? 🙂

    I didn’t really think that I might upset some people. In the contrary, I just wanted to show some appreciation for those who I correspond with a lot.


  8. ya i’ve been away lately , i had alot on my mind and i stoped checking blogs as much as i used to, but it was soooooo nice of you to put me on the list , soon inshalla i’ll go back and read all your posts 😀


  9. fadi, I am glad to know that, thanks for letting me know. You have a nice blog yourself. I will be checking it more often.

    qwaider, back to read commentst? :). That’s good to know. How stimulating you find my blog?

    Manal Yusuf, I have add you to my blog roll so that I would be checking your blog more often. How stimulating you find my blog?

    Average-Mog, I am glad you are back 🙂


  10. Wow, thanks for the mention!!! Shu baraka, shu issharuf, I am honored! Yes, I feel like a mother hen over you young bloggers…if I hen-pick or nag too much just remind me.

    I check for comments too 🙂 In fact, now that I am a blogger too, I understand how people like me who go back so often artificially inflate the blog stats!

    Bas, anjad, I enjoy your blog and the way you think. I am praying for you today, btw, it’s MONDAY!


  11. im only a new reader to your blog, and i always want to know whats new there and im following it more and more everyday, well its not how stimualting, its more like what stimulates me. well i never let myself read it in a rush, and i like most of the subjects you bring up, i like hte way you write and discuss things, as far i have seen you never have been judgmental or been the whining kind, and i find yr writtings so thougtfull… and thats stimulating enough for me 🙂

    “i hope i was clear enough”


  12. It is clear enough manal, thanks. You know what, the other day a friend of me told me that he reads my blog slowly as well, he said that he can’t read it fast, he feels it is like when he talks to me, I talk slowly, and so as well he feel it in my writings 🙂


  13. I concur with your list of interesting bloggers and I would like to add you to the list. I enjoyed reding your short story about the naked man, it made me feel like anyone of us might have such a fantasy but never was able to implement it in his life time and remains tucked deep down in their brain.


  14. hey hatem, I am glad to know that you have read that story! I wish I can tell who are the people reading my blog. I can only grab a portion of that through those who comment.

    Thank you…


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