People’s dream on Super Star (Pop Idol)

writing about The Jordanian Dream the other day, and then watching the Super Star (Arabic Pop Idol) episode last sunday made me realize how much people do grab any single chance of hope to make a better life out of theirs.

I have mixed feelings regarding the show. While I did enjoy my time laughing at those poor souls who made fool out of themselves in public for the sheer possibility of getting a chance of a better life, I did as well felt bad and even slight anger towards the jury committee of the show for their rude remarks and making fun of the unqualified participants.

Thinking about it, I don’t know whether the people behind such a show is doing a good job of providing some chances for people to achieve their dreams, or they are playing on the misfortune of poor people for the sake of making money.

It strike me to realize how much those poor souls are willing to play the clown role for us in order to get out of their misrable conditions.

In the other hand, the happiness you see on the faces of the qualified participants do make a balance of the saddness of those who didn’t make it.

I am happy to see people dream. Without hope they would just die.


  1. Arabic Pop Idol? You’re kidding, right???

    Even Singapore has their own “Singaporean Idol”. It’s a replica of American Idol. I thought it was pretty sad to copy them.

    So, what’s Arabic Pop Idol like? I’ve never heard Arabic pop…


  2. Redrose, that is where I am a bit confused, I mean the harsh comments and making fun of people is what seem to get the audience. With more audience and more money to the show we would have more people achieving their dreams.

    Saad, it is the same as the American Idol as well. They call it “Super Star” instead of Pop Idol. You can check it Future TV if you have a satalleite station. They broadcast it each sunday.

    You can also check the site of the Future TV. Type Future TV, Super Star at google and check the results.

    Have you heard of Diana Karazon? She is the Jordanian singer who won the title on it first run 4 years ago.


  3. well, i feel confused as well observer, but the thing is that most popularity and specially T.ages r stucked to that kind of shows, n it’s like addicting on sms to vote for the participant like,watching all his moves,(mimic)the character like if he’s a god walking on earth. everything should be like he likes, the way he eats, dress or even laughs n sings!.. so the jury controls them and their behavior is reflected on show addicted pple. on the other side, that should be mentioned, the attractive background and decoration is amazing, n i find it more intresting than American idol’s shows(we should mention super star as well on lbc). about the replica (saad), welcome to arabic countries where most of tv shows r imitated from usa n europe progs, like project fashion(project runaway) and super star etc.. i never thought that it would b amusing to watch them, i do that while i’m working in my studio;)))


  4. Speechless…… oh here is an idea,

    It’s all about the people behind the scene like you said trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents! (It is a saying I grew up with it means someone just trying to get rich at any means) that is what today’s media is all about even at the cost of some else’s reputation, life, what ever it takes.

    But even when I watch American Idol sometimes I feel really bad for the kids that go out there with this dream of being………? And then it’s blown away by some very harsh words of another person opinion. But I still find myself laughing LOL.



  5. it’s a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY , it’s not that show alone , it’s the whole arabic tv station shows , i can’t remember the last time i watched a full arabic show on tv


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