1. Observer, he is gifted! But my mommy-heart is concerned he is writing hard stuff like this so young…can you take him out for some kid fun, like go-karting or something?


  2. Hey Kinzi, thanks for checking his poems. I got concerned as well as I read it. I talked to him yesterday. It doesn’t seem that he has any problem. He is mostly happy in his life, but he likes to whine a lot and play the victim role, but he usually has fun with his friend and go out often.


  3. don’t worry , it’s just a way of expessing feeling , it’s just when teenagers are confused , they reacte in diffrent ways , he seem to write poems , or simi-poems , and they are really good some of them btw


  4. Moh, maybe you are right. Maybe it is good that he let his feelings out, and maybe he just like to be dramatic. He is a bit of a challenge to my mom, but I guess he is doing okay 🙂


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