Trust your washing machine

My discovery of our built-in washing machine.

We all do share the same ability of absorbing and adjust to the new things we face in our lives. The ability to adjust differs from a person to person. It depends on how good is your washing machine.

For instance, you meet a person that you dont find his looks nice. Sometimes for a visual person like me, it doesnt give me a good feeling where I prefer to be looking at a better looking people, but then after a couple of days seeing the same person, and my washing machine working on the background, I start seeing him pretty.

It isnt just about looks. I had this guy who used to work with me. I knew him before. I couldnt stand him as a person at all. He likes to lie a lot making himself the best man ever lived on earth, and showing of every little thing he has. Not just that, his smell stinks, I couldnt bare to talk to him not only from his way of talking but also because of his smell. Then he didnt even have a good figure to look at. He didnt even how to dress to make a better sight of his fat body.

After a couple of week of him working with me. I started to adjust. I started to feel that he isnt as bad as I used to think of. After a couple of minutes you learn how to manage your breath in order to adjust to his scent. You learn how to talk to him in order not to get too involved and appailed of his lies. With time you also learn that he can have some good qualities when he did help me fix my car tire when I didnt have the necessary equipments to do so.

Another example is my best friend ex girl friend. When he first saw he, he fall instantly in love with her. He used to ask me what I think of her looks. At first, I used to see her as a goat with her hair style, nose, and chin. Then after a couple of months and with continous talking about how beautiful she is. I actually started to see her beautiful!

Guys, our washing machine makes things looks better to us. We tend to feel comfortable with familiar things. Maybe that is why some people stuck in time. You look at them you see a fashionable man/woman who supposed to be living in the 80s! It seems that their washing machine isnt efficient enough to absorb new things and make it familiar for them to adjust to current time.

Like those people who doesnt know how to forget and forgive someone else for a past mistake. Their washing machine is inefficient to clear those negative feelings. You can see all those negativity dishes waiting in their sink on queue where they became not able to move on and accept new things.

I also learnt that each washing machine of us is trainable. You all can work on yours. Use a better washing powder and get rid of your laundry to make you perception light of cleaness.

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