My year – hard times followed by overwhelming good ones!

It has been a long time since I blogged about what is going on in my personal life. Probably because I went through a tough period, followed by an overwhelming one, and now moving to a new city and starting a new job. Life can be unexpected. It feels like yesterday when I posted about my midlife crisis although it was more than a year ago. Back then I didn’t know that it will be the least of my worries, and I just realized that the fact of me dwelling on it, was a kind of luxury, or privilege. After that post, I had a wonderful trip to the US where I felt the heights of my writing career. I was at the top of the world, but then things collapsed.

What happened is the I lost my job suddenly and unexpectedly. It was timed perfectly though because it happened in the same day mom got Ramsey Hunt Syndrome and was admitted to hospital. My unfortunate event allowed me to travel to Amman and stay 3 weeks with her, which was helpful for both of us. Still, I had to come back to Dubai and be here in order to look for a job. And still, she was sick, feeling dizziness and nausea, and unable to eat or walk. I planned another trip in August, and stayed with her for another 3 weeks. And I think me being there at one night probably saved her life, when I got back home and found out that she had a fever and the time we reached the hospital her blood pressure collapsed. Good that they were able to save her. She got admitted to hospital 6 times in 3 months. She lost so much weight and was unable to walk. Thank God, she started to recover slowly afterwards and she’s in a stable condition now.

Losing the job was bad, but mom’s sickness worried me more. Yet coming back to Dubai and having to go through the process of looking for a new job wasn’t a pleasant experience. I felt rejections were piling up, not from potential jobs, but also publishers, and other opportunities that rose at the time. Things were not going my way. Whatever I wanted, I didn’t get. My closest friends left Dubai, one after the other, and I didn’t want to leave. My end of service was held by the bank because I had two mortgages to pay and I was worried that I’d run out of money and consume my savings. I planned to give it few months before taking any decision to go back to Amman. I put my apartment for sale but it wasn’t working either.

Few months later, in November, I took on a consultancy part time job, it was kind of a saver, with a small salary that barely covered my expenses, but also helped me sustain my life, which I am thankful for. I got another job opportunity a month after, but it didn’t go through because my security check was rejected – another unexplainable unfortunate event.

Anyway, I persisted and used the extra time I got in finishing my latest book. I started exploring cooking at home. I committed to going to the gym. And I started a Career talks newsletter on LinkedIn. I knew I had to keep going and was hoping for a shift in my luck.

It took a while but eventually it flipped! Its funny, but it was inline with zodiac readers predictions. I had Mars in Gemini (my sign) for 9 months, and they have been warning me of troubling times. It left my sign probably in March, and then right after, things fall into place!

  1. The bank suddenly released my end of service without any explanation.
  2. I found a buyer for the apartment I wanted to sell.
  3. I signed with a publisher to have my latest book out.
  4. I got the Italian version of Heaven on Earth out.
  5. I received an invitation to participate in a book festival in Nancy in France, and I had wonderful time there.
  6. I signed with a French publisher to have Heaven on Earth published in French.
  7. I got a dream job, which I had to move to Abu Dhabi for.

The turn of luck has been overwhelming and the support I received from people around me has been more than I could ever ask for. I really appreciate all the love, care and support I got, and I feel in a much better place now. I am now in a phase of adjusting, focusing on the new job, and absorbing the changes I have gone through. The good things are still coming my way and I am still standing with open arms, welcoming them in. Today, I received my first full salary after exactly one year. So this post is well timed and I am in a mood for gratitude and appreciation.

Good days are yet to come!

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