The Culture Trip: Revealing the Best of Art and Culture from Around the World

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The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip is an organisation which seeks to highlight the best of what each country has to offer in terms of culture, arts, literature, film and music. We exist in the nexus between travel and culture and seek to broaden the relation between the two, by offering a hand-picked selection of cultural sights, events and resources alongside articles on arts and culture. We want to attract like-minded individuals who are culturally curious and constantly seek new avenues to navigate through the global canon of arts and literature, wherever they may be.

Various places across the globe are only perceived through the prism of tradition and heritage whilst their contemporary cultural output is dismissed. We seek to redress this imbalance by focusing on the contemporary, to reveal the thriving cultural output which exists in many countries. We also focus on cultural icons – figures that have played a role in defining a particular culture through their art, music, cinema or literature.

Our writers are volunteers who come from 70 countries around the world and reflect the multicultural team within The Culture Trip. We seek contributions from people with an interest in arts and culture and are conscious of the need to find local expertise and knowledge on contemporary cultural output. As well as seeking articles on contemporary culture we seek new insightful angles on history, politics and society.

Too much travel writing offers only a glib, superficial experience of a place; an outsider’s temporary perspective on centuries of culture and history, we seek to go beyond those facile impressions to other a comprehensive guide to cultural experience in a given destination.

This cultural deficit is something we hope to redress in our own small way, by shining a light on artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians who despite our globalised culture still don’t achieve the international renown they deserve.

We are particularly interested in focusing on the Middle East and Asia, two regions which for different reasons have somewhat distorted international profiles but which also have underappreciated depths of culture and art to explore. These regions are also experiencing something of a growth period, in which artistic expression is becoming both more prominent and writers and artists are able to engage with the world in more innovative and expressive ways.

If this sounds like something you would like to be interested in contributing to, we would love to hear your ideas. Please contact us at

By Thomas Storey

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