3aroos Amman 2nd print!

3aroos Amman Second Print Cover رواية عروس عمان الطبعة الثانية

All copies of  my first novel 3aross Amman ran out in less than a year. We have been out of copies for a month now and working hard to get the second print out in its best shape. That is a huge success in local terms of books sales that makes me so happy and proud. I would love to thank each and everyone of you who helped me through the process of writing the book and promoting it, who loved it and shared it with their friends and who connected me with different media outlets and gave me a space on their pages and media spaces.

I have a new publisher now, Jabal Amman Publishers, which I appreciate a lot and who made sure to perfect all aspects of the novel: starting with the brilliant cover design, the painting purchased from the Syrian Artist Suhair Al Siba3i, language re-editing and correction and paper and print quality. They will be delivering the book to major bookshops in Jordan and many other Arab countries soon. Thank you Jabal Amman for all the hard work in the past months and for breaking all of the records in getting the book out just in time.

I am happy to announce that some copies of the second print will be available next Saturday at the event of the play SEVEN, the international play that talk about women right and in which I will take a major role in it. I will take a short break from my study and fly back to take part of SEVEN and launch the second print of 3aroos Amman. How exciting is that?

What do you think of the new cover?


  1. I came across your blog recently when I joined WP and searched for Middle Eastern blogs around. I think your writing is really good.
    Congratulations on your novel. Always thought there has to be such a novel on Amman from this perspective. Couldn’t find it on Amazon. Is it available through online orders?


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