Short Story: Printed Noses

“Haya.. come down..”
“Your meal is cold..”

Mother shouted in frustration for the 10th time in the past 30 minutes. She decided then to come up to Haya’s room and have a direct talk with her teenage daughter.


Mother stopped short of completing her sentence, startled by the number of noses thrown around in Haya’s room.

“OH MY GOD! HAYA! What have you done??! You wasted all of these stem cells!“

Mother flared in disbelief.

“Easy mom.. easy.. I didn’t do anything.. don’t worry about stem cells. I got a good deal and can easily recycle them. You know Apple has launched new Cell-Recycling machine that is compatible with their 3D iPrint-ers. I will buy one tomorrow and will come eat my food in a while”

Haya answered firmly  Irritated with mom for her impatience and non-ending anti-waste blabber then turned her head back towards her tablet trying to perfect the 3D model of the nose presented on screen.

“But Haya.. it is not just about stem cells.. it is about you.. you have replaced your nose three times already this month! What’s wrong? Look at you.. look at you.. your nose is just perfect as it is now. Remember? You spent hours working on it last time till you perfected the shape”

Mother tenderly pointed at the big mirror in front of Haya and caressed her hair.

“No.. it is not.. I used to have the best nose at school.. now all girls have good noses! I need to figure this out.. I need something different.. I need the right touch.. a nose that no one can copy and everyone can envy” 

Haya said while trying to focus on her screen.

“Envy??! your nose?! oh honey, look at me. I am sure they all envy you for who you are.. for the person I know.. you.. your confidence..” “and you know noses are easily replaceable these days.. and copied.. don’t you?”
“Show them the real you.. YOU” 

Mother hugged Haya. She pulled the tablet gently and shut it off. They collected the scattered noses together and placed them in a bag to recycle them later on.

While leaving the room, mother looked in Haya’s eyes, touched her nose and told her how much she loves her.


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