Quick Fiction: Mother in the womb

The kick of the baby inside her womb rocked her world one more time. Her mother in her womb, a dream. A work of insanity of unbearable pain. Paved the way of her losing whatever sense of security, of safety, of love, and all what is beautiful in this life. Death snatched her mom away. In a moment? not, just few seconds of a deadly stroke.

Back engineering of a new age casted a ray of light. A hope for healing. A demonic or holly desire to bring her mom back haunted her. Determined, she headed to that clinic. Granting her genetic code to science to extract the origin form of her mother’s.

“You are mad” her siblings fought her

“Why do you want to bring her struggle again?” her husband warned her

“For the same reason she brought me here, unexplained desire” She stated

She caressed her belly. A euphoric feeling filled her up for knowing that the same umbilical cord is once again plugging her to motherhood.

Thunder stroke the rainy sky with the baby’s stronger kicks. Time of joy is near. The face of her mom will pop-up again. She would even witness mother’s early stages of development this time.

A stronger kick. Pain grew intolerable. Accompanied with an uncanny feeling, loss one more time.

“Exact genetic code won’t bring back your real mom” She heard a hiss

A shadow casted on the window. She saw her reflection. She ran fast attempting to get hold of her. Hit the window, shattering glass into her flesh and blood emerged.

With a blurred vision, she felt the warmth of a mother.

Comforted with motherly love, she cried for abandoning a child.



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