100 year long term goals

Does optimism grow in people’s minds when it proves to be a good approach to life? It may have been the Secret’s law of attraction that have been bringing blessings to my life in the past few years, with a positive attitude towards life. Or, it may be a stronger tainted sense of optimism that grew inside me to color many little things happening in my life as blessings. I have reached to a point where I can no longer see boundaries that would limit my ambition or capabilities. A sense of confidence that if I really want something in this life, I can make it happen one day. The formula is simple, patience, persistence, positivity and time!

While I have some short term goals set for me like having my first novel Aroos Amman (Amman’s Bride) translated and published into other languages and finish writing my second novel Janna ala al Ard (Heaven on Earth). It is a life long goals that I would like to talk about here. Life long goals as in maybe goals that would be achieved in a 100 years time or so. That is something that stemmed out of writing “Heaven on Earth” and believing in the capabilities of science to cure aging. A new hope is born in me, a profound sense of empowerment that allows me to dream BIG.. real big.

So here are my 3 one hundred years goals to work on (We’ll address this on 2112 in order to see how much I achieved of this. Make sure to stick around!):

1. Contribue to the battle of fighting aging towards ending it:

That would happen if “Janna ala al ard” becomes an international best seller. I would make sure to donate a big amount of money to the scientific research that focus on defeating aging. It may very well be an investment in one of those promising startups that work on different lines of rejuvenation bio technologies. Help speeding up the research and brining out those solutions sooner than later. I may very well get myself closer to a certain research, learn biochemistry, and maybe come up with a scientific breakthrough. Big ambition, I know..

2. Build a personal flying machine:

I still don’t understand why this thing haven’t became mainstream yet! With the advancement of science and technology we have these days, it makes no sense that there is no technology introduced yet that makes such device to be convenient enough and affordable enough for many people on this planet. If I am to get the chance to work on such a machine before anyone else does, I would have to go back to school and study mechanics, latest physics, and technology! One thing that I know that I won’t do, is being another Abbas Bin Farnas! No miscalculated trials for me.

My initial imagination for the device to be a wearable two ballons on the back of the body and a small electric motor to push the body forward. We don’t want to depend on the power of the wind for this, do we?

3. Instant transportation:

I think that this is the most ambitious goal since the first two has a strong ground of science that is already built up and many other people around the world working to make it happen. I can’t believe how happy I would be if instant transportation became a reality. Imagine having breakfast in your kitchen in Amman before going into this gate that takes you to your office in Chicago and then in your lunch break you go to your favorite restaurant in Paris? The world would be crazy, I know! and while science has no clue if this would ever be a real possibility, one thing we should keep in mind, everything is possible in this world. Light is no better than us, is it?


If you are to go wild and think of the top 3 goals that you would achieve if you have the time of 100-1000 years. What would that be? 



  1. My personal ambition would be to create a humanoid robot that is as intelligent (or maybe more intelligent) than regular human beings!! Artificial intelligence is a fascination of mine….


  2. For me, teleporting was and still one of my big goals… To be anywhere you want, anytime you want is just PERFECT and suits me fine 🙂 Just like “Jumper” minus the drama he create when he teleports and more like Heroes!!

    hmmmm, the other two, man you got me into thinking here…

    Am not sure about how much does thins one fit in here, but I just would love to change how the majority of people THINK around here and in this region to be specific about all sort of things, it just feels that we are going backward while everyone else is going forward, like to invent this machine that will wipe off some of these dumb thoughts and the way people see things and think about it, and just to eliminate some of these dumb brains!!

    My third one would be…
    Ok, this one is taking too long, Fadi! I’ll come back with my third goal soon :p


  3. DM, artifical intelligence is pretty fascinating.. but kind of scary to me..

    Suleiman, I would want that magic wand to change thoughts as well :D.. what is your third?


  4. That is one of the good posts that I enjoyed reading, it’s full of positivity, life and hope, thank you for sharing 🙂
    I don’t know if my ideas and yours are 100 years long or they may come true earlier than what we expect, when I was a child I used to watch Candy Can Do It on Israeli TV, it was like a touch screen that used to talk to children, I used to think that I may not witness it happening in my life time but it did! 🙂 so actually I think that these thoughts may come true faster than what we expect.
    My thoughts are all related to each other, and to our 5 senses and communication, I still don’t know why they didn’t invent a device that transmits smells yet, when will I be able to smell the food I order online or flowers and fragrances of my friends for example? When are they going to invent the device through which we can know the feeling of objects, soft, smooth, hard or tough, if they invented these two devices they will be the gate to a device that may let us taste at the end 🙂 in this case we can use all of our 5 senses in our long distance communication, won’t life be easy an nice?!


  5. OH! Maybe the ability to travel to the “other side” to see how good or bad is it, be able to see why people sometimes are scared of death and why some feel very peacefully about it because they know it is good on the other side! If this falls under teleporting I can think harder :p

    That wand is gonna do wonders if it existed!! DAMN IT!


  6. Sarah, I wonder when that would come!

    Anon, I am glad that you enjoyed this post :). That’s a nice thing to be able to transmit smell, touch, and taste.. 🙂

    Suleiman, ohhh.. I don’t think that would ever happen.. maybe one thing I would love to get a real answer for.. is there another side or not? 😦 I hope there is!


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