The fruit of the Spirit

I believe that the meaning of a name does indeed have a certain effect on his/her carrier. For me, Fadi, which means the savior, has always translated into a need that grew inside of me to help other people. While being lazy has always prevented me of doing any help the requires “movement”, helping through talking to people and easing their pain through words has become something that I love to do.

Yesterday I have received a wonderful birthday gift from a wonderful person who have been very supportive for me lately. She put it in a touching story..

She was walking in a road, it was so dark and scary, but she always believed that she is in the right path, and she will reach her town at the end, she walked and walked, no food and no light, felt dizzy, she didn’t know if it’s out of fear or hunger but she kept on walking till she fell down…

Woke up in a place full of light and happiness it was the land of peace, well… may be it’s heaven! did she die? felt confused couldn’t enjoy the light and sometimes she didn’t even see it…

Till the moment came and she met him, he was different and the most charming, everytime she looked at him she remembered the verse “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness (Ghalatins 22:5)”

She always believed that there is something called spirit, and always prayed to meet the person who can show her that these fruits of spirit can come all together in one person, and now she could finally meet that person.

Well, he was not 100% the way she thought he will be, but here he is her tree of spirit.

Despite the fact that he always told her that he has no faith, so for him at least the last word of the verse is missing… but she saw the faith in him, he was living it without recognizing, he taught her how to see light, how to step on her fears and go on in her life, he was her light, her friend and her good luck

She didn’t reach her town yet but feeling so happy because he is there to lighten her way, she doesn’t know if he’ll always be there for her all the way but she learnt how to depend on herself, became an overwhelmed and thankful person, and started singing for the joy she was feeling,

Do you know what was the song she sang?

It was night, it was 1:00 am, 15-June, as they supposed after 3 hours he will start his 34 years old so for sure the song was..

“happy birthday to you!”


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