IDEA: Digital Donation Box

There are times where you got hit by an idea that comes out of no where. Usually when I go and I google it, I found others who have already implemented it or talked about it in a way or another. In other times, I find it nowhere. Such ideas usually get me excited, but knowing that I don’t have the energy or time to pursue it, I find this blog space a good to shoot it out, discuss it with others, and maybe find opportunities to make it real.

Today while reading an article on about huge digital marketing trends you don’t afford to ignore, especially the part where it talks about the new Near Field Communication (NFC) which is used for money transactions and expected to get a mainstram adoption soon. It got tied in a weird way with a conversation I had this morning in regard of online donations and I suddenly saw infront of me the traditional donation boxes we usually see around supermarket cash machines transformed into digital donation boxes. A more stylish digital boxes where instead of dropping coins, one can knock his phone to the edge of that box and makes a donation. The box can reply with a digital thank you that can be a written message, a voice, or even a tweet acknowledging the donator!

The creativity around this idea is endless, marketing specialist can derive their own message and way of communication to address those potential donators. For instance, those digital boxes can spot near by potential donators, maybe run a quick check of his/her donation history and send customized message to push him/her to donate.

I wonder if there is a Jordanian company that can work in implementing such hardware. It shouldn’t require any special technoligcal capabilities. We can import the technology required and assemble it in a creative way. We ought to really start innovating in creating devices and technology (hardware) itself instead of focusing on the use of current imported technologies.

Digital donation boxes may have a good global market if implemented in a decent way. Any ideas how we can make it real here in Jordan?


  1. I like it, I find it creative…

    Not sure how comfortable people are going to be flashing thrier phones or rfid enabled credit cards to these boxes, or how they can set a dollar amount (maybe they want to pay more? Or less?) but I see a nice use for it

    Good idea. Now imagine if we can do it for blood donations! You bump the box with your knuckles and bam, a liter of blood have been donated in your name with no needls, no pain … how about that? 🙂


  2. Ok, I will try to keep it short and simple and hopefully I won’t make my comment longer than the post itself :p

    Well, that’s a great idea, I mean it is already happening in some parts of the world where they’re using the NFC technology at movie theaters, bus stations, check-outs at shops… so a Donation box that is NFC enabled is not far from happening!!

    In my personal opinion, I would love to see it spread more around here, movie theaters, supermarkets, shops and anywhere that can accept such a payment method!

    I love how you can shop at an Apple store these days, it is limited for accessories for the time being, but still… you can use your iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch to take a picture/scan the bar code on the product you want to buy, with YOUR device, and it will get charged to your “iTunes account” and pay for it, so you can simply, buy and check out yourself without the need for a store representative to help you and waiting in line to pay!! and when you want to buy a Mac or any hardware, they use NFC to check you out from anywhere in the store using their iPads/iPhones with a simple swipe and a signature on the screen!!

    your idea is very creative and can be taken into other levels easily!

    As for how ti implement it in Jordan, well first and for most, such a chip should be integrated into more mobile devices, because the devices that has such a feature are kinda limited compared to the mobile phones in our market or the people who has such devices, then getting the technology is not hard, if it is already there in a different form, it can be easily tweaked otherwise, getting the chip for a start and letting a company who is into building electronic devices build such a box!


  3. Qwaider, a blood NFC donation? now that would be scary! that maybe something from the far future! 😀

    Suleiman, that is cool what Apple has in their stores! NFC and electronic Wallit seems to be big.. there is going to be many many applications.. wish we have the capabilities to start innovating from now and patenting those innovation..

    Maybe we should contact Oasis500? 😀


  4. I know! just give it a bit of time and nobody will be carrying their wallets nor credit cards ever again!!! all will be done by a small touch of a mobile phone to a tiny machine and BOOM, you paid for anything you are purchasing!

    It would be a first if we could start it in Jordan for real! Oasis500 seems as a good start to pitch them the idea, yeah!! 😀


  5. In UAE there is a donation option in ATMs. So, you can make a donation while withdrawing money from your bank. I think this can reach larger audience and make people more comfortable.


  6. DM, I think they have it here as an option in some of the ATMs.. it is a good idea.. but different that what I am talking about 🙂


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