1. So what exactly does it mean that Adoption is not legally recognized?! What about the unknown parentage thing?! Orphans have known parents, does this mean they cannot be taken into custody?!

    And how is this different from the “old law”?! I am not familiar with custody laws obviously…


  2. The law is very primitive. But I didn’t catch the part that says that adoption is not recognized by the law. Also, how do they claim that the custody law applies inside and outside of Jordan?! This is very confusing! I guess we need a lawyer or someone who knows more about the subject matter to provide his interpretation.


  3. adoption means you can have your child added to your name but custody not.. it is their way to get around the Islamic prohibition of adoption..


  4. But it is very odd that custody is allowed for children without known parents (though this is very odd, the mother is almost always known, even for “illegitimate” children). And orphans whose parents have died do deserve getting custody… It’s all very strange to me, even for a conservative society! I mean, Islam does say that orphans should be taken care of… Is that strictly a matter of the government taking care of them, but not through custody?!

    Do we even have proper child services in Jordan?!


  5. No we don’t.. at the end of the graphic I added the part I found in an article that indicates physical and sexual abuse inflicted on these kids in those orphanage houses 😦

    I agree with you about the oddity of the custody! why in the hell does it have to be of unknown parents since it is custody and not adoption?!!! and yes, orphans deserve to have parents taking care of them as well.. it is pretty sad.. add to it that if you are not a muslim, you can’t even file for custody or adopt!!


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