Haya: Hey Judge, give me some of my rights!

So.. the observer is back
and I am back too! (Haya :P)
missed me?
I am sure you did!
or maybe not?
I mean, if you are a new reader of this blog, you have probably never heard about me before
I don’t blame you!
well, to be honest, you are most probably a new reader.. this blog lost most of its readers on its two years time down and the migration to wordpress..

So, let me introduce myself
I am Haya.. duh!
A fictional character that the observer uses when he wants to talk about women issues from a woman’s perspective
Simply put, he uses me!
or it is the other way around, I use him to speak out about my gender issues
oh boy… they are MANY!
and nothing really changed in the past two years!

We are still being killed for *honor*.. whatever that means to you!
We are still deprived from our right to give our husbands and children our nationality
We are still getting to the parliament in a small quota (12 seat) + one lucky winner in the past election (the observer voted for her upon my recommendation :P)
and we are still a small percentage of the work force.. no more than 14.7%!
although they invest much in educating us
and we dominate the academic achievements every year
but that’s not important.. for all that education are better put in cooking, cleaning, and ironing our men’s clothes!
Pretty good investment, no?

This is not the whole picture.. as things have gone worse with the burst of what they call “Arab Spring”
with everybody seizing the chance to raise their voices and demand for more rights
our so-delicate-feminine voices never got heard!
although we were clear in our demands to add “GENDER” to the constitution act where it defines the bases of equality of Jordanian citizens.
but hey.. that is a no no no!

Women ARE NO equal to men!
They are just different!

and thus their rights should be different
and their demands should be different
or maybe put on the side when more  important issues are solved
yeah, important issues of men
like money.. war.. or maybe football?

As an outcome of the “Arab Spring” we had the least representatives of women in the executive council for the past 30 years!
1 women minister out of 27 men minister in Al Bakhit recently resigned cabinet!
whereas in the past few years we used to enjoy 3-4 female ministers with each cabinet

Lets hope the new “Law” man can give us our just
and be a *little* more fair
just little
as we don’t want to shake the boat of anyone

We don’t want to risk to break any hell loose
especially at a time of an “Arab Spring”
cause it may just burst in our faces!

Oh really JUDGE! just give me some of my rights! damn.. I DESERVE it!

with love,



  1. I think I just became a huge fan of your blog. we have already met a couple of times but I am not sure you remember me, on the other hand i have read the Arab observer several times already but I just recently found out it was you!
    thank you for your beautiful posts!



  2. Excellent willing analytical attention with regard to
    fine detail and can foresee problems before these people occur.


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