The Arab Observer: Bye Bye

3.5 years passed since I started blogging. The Arab Observer has been the name I chose to transfer what I have in mind; “Arab” represented my identity as an Arab who has very little to do with the stereotypes and perceptions that defines Arabs as a race, culture and history, while “Observer” came from my own belief in the destined nature of our lives where things happen because they suppose to happen, and we, as identities, are merely observing the course of events.

As an Arab Observer, my focus has been targeted toward social issues, mainly social behaviors and injustices that are very well implanted in our cultural heritage. Behaviors that added more hardship to the already hard nature of life. Since my childhood, I had this need and motivation to make people feel better. It has always been simple to me, it was my gift, a gift that got easily manifested in words through this medium. Words haven’t always been my field of expertise, but then again, through blogging, I realized that when someone wants to say what is in his heart, language would be the least of his worries.
The Arab Observer connected me with many people on different levels, it was the window that opened to me channels of opportunities, the more I opened, the more opportunities knocked my door. Unfortunately, The Arab Observer is coming to an end, it has to do with one of the opportunities it brought to my door that requires leaving this space behind me. For me, and as sad as I am about letting go of this part of my identity, I know that I will be carrying on the growth I gained through this blog with me to help me in the coming stage of my life. Connecting with people is a big part of who I am now, and will stay with me as I move forward. I will be connecting with people through another channel and a different medium.
What I will be missing the most about The Arab Observer is Haya – my female fictional character -. She helped me connecting with people on a different level, talking about women issues from a woman perspective that felt so real and so human. Haya will live with me, she may show her face through other mediums as well.
I haven’t been very active lately, but I know that some people have been a real dedicated fans for this blog. I want to thank you all, anyone who stumbled upon any of my posts, all readers who hit this page more than once. I apologize because I need to leave you now and promise you a different mean of connection with you in the future. This is my last post for now, soon, I will deactivate this blog.
Love you all,
Wish you all the best,
The Arab Observer


  1. Dear….

    it's really very hard to stop something that you believe on, any way I know how much difficult to do something the others in your region not respect, again as I told you before I like you as my friend yes I don't accept your behaviors But I respect you and love you, my friend



  2. I love Haya too!
    I wish you the best of luck on your next project, but I also hope you will change your mind (at least about deactivating the blog).
    The thoughts and emotions that characterise your posts may touch people in ways you never know or presume. Just leave them to linger in their own (cyber)spaces…. one day the urge to return to them might become overwhelming 😀


  3. What a sad outcome. The second top five blog in Jordan to come to an end (after Khalaf's). I am sure you have your good reasons and I know you would not give up on this blog so easily. You are a writer wherever you work or be and will always be connected with your expression platform. Even if you cannot publish now I advise you to write and save and then you will have the moment of time when you will publish those jewels again. You are a writer, whatever you do for a living.
    Best of luck


  4. I'm Crying Fadi,

    I understand that you must move on its all about growth and congratulation my dear friend! I am so thankful for this blog because it has allowed me to get to know you; and you are an amazing person! i have touched me on many levels got my mind to thinking, opening doors that needed to be open. I'm so thankful I found your blog back in 2006 and I grew with your blog even had my Arabic friends translate your blogs that you wrote in Arabic on Fridays 😉

    Love you
    Marie AKA Bright Light Warrior Nika


  5. Fadi, I join the chorus of sad followers who will miss you TOO much. You are a fun, compassionate, courageous man and I have great affection for you, khalto.

    My prayers will continue to be with you, and I suppose we will just have to meet up in real life for cookies, akheeran. 🙂


  6. Hazems, you are a nice guy! Miss you! Say his to your wife 🙂

    Deena, thank you for the sweet words. I will check the option of adding a password rather than deactivating it.

    Batir, thank you so much! One of the top five blogs in Jordan? That is a testimony that I am really proud of – especially coming from you -. I have so much admiration and respect for you as a writer and a person. Thank you again for the encouraging words. I will always remember it and always will be a writer 🙂

    Marieee, kisses to you! You have been my number one fan here and a source for inspiration and motivation. I have always had you in mind when writing and was always wondering what would you think :). You have a really wonderful spirit that just blends with mine. Wish you all the best! Love you xx

    Kinzi, thank you khalto for your continuous encouraging, your lovely spirit, and prayers. You have been a watching mom to us here at Jordan's blogsphere giving it a beautiful family dimension. I wish you all the best, and yes, we should meet up for cookies! 🙂


  7. How unfortunate you decided to stop writing on here when I started following your blog and amazing writings. 😦

    I am all for you making this blog private instead of deactivating it. Please give it a thought 🙂


  8. I'm sad too! I love this blog and I really enjoyed reading your opinions on different subjects. I've even bought some of the books that you've blogged about. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.


  9. Fadi. I will really miss you :(. You are one of my favorites. Please take Batirs advice and keep the writing going even if we don't read :).

    Good luck with whats going on in your life.


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