Queen Rania: We don’t need process, we need projects on the ground

Two days ago, Queen Rania gave an excellent speech about the Palestinian cause at the University of Yale in America. I have never seen before such a logical, strong argument done in such eloquent, passionate, and respectful way that talks out the suffering of people of Palestine. I believe that Queen Rania has certainly touched the hearts of the audience and anyone who was lucky enough to watch her speech.

She didn’t just highlight the problem and brought attention to it, but also called for better actions and presented a true solution. She said:

We don’t need process, we need projects on the ground

Projects on the ground, this is exactly where we should be heading. We no longer need long processes trying to achieve peace, we need to act, today, and do whatever we can to bring people together and give better lives to people in Palestine.

I will leave you with the speech that brought tears to my eyes.


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